Eternal Grace Kelly Wedding Dress.

 Princess Grace Kelly  Wedding Dress

 As you can see ,Wedding dress of Kate Middleton is definetely  insipired by Grace Kelly’s Wedding dress.

princess grace-kelly vs kate-middleton
Princess Grace Kelly vs Kate Middleton

The Grace Kelly wedding  dress is considered as one of the most elegant and amazing bridal gown. It has been famous since in the middle of the 20th century, has always been remembered, and has become an inspiration to many wedding dresses.

grace kelly wedding gown
Grace Kelly

The Grace Kelly  wedding dresswas designed by Helen Rose who was a costume and wedding dress designer of MGM. The dress was given as a gift to Grace Kelly by the Metr-Goldwyn-Mayer studio where Helen Rose first worked as seamstress. There first wedding was a civil marriage and the second wedding was a religious wedding. Grace Kelly was married to Prince Rainier on April 18, 1956 at the palace in the baroque throne room. Her wedding gown had a high round collar and skirt which was flared. The religious wedding was done on April 19, 1956 at the St. Nicholas Cathedral. The elegant wedding dress she wore was US$7266.68 that does not include the fee for the designer.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier wedding
Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier wedding

The Parts of The Grace Kelly  Wedding Dress During the wedding of Grace Kelly to Prince Rainer III of Monaco the Grace Kelly  wedding dress was the born. It is know to be one of the most elegant wedding dresses of all time. It has been an inspiration to many wedding dress designs today. The famous  princess Grace Kelly wedding  dress has been famous since the middle of the 20th century. The dress alone, which costs US$7266.68, is made up of a bodice with another bodice beneath it and a skirt to support. The dress has two petticoats and the first petticoat was attached as a foundation. The entire wedding outfit was composed of a headdress, a veil, and shoes. While walking down the aisle, Grace Kelly also carried with her a prayer book which was encrusted with lace and pearls. After more than 50 years, the wedding dress had a big influence on the wedding dress of Kate Middleton on her wedding with Prince William. beautiful  wedding dress of Grace Kelly Grace Kelly  Wedding Dress – What Is It Made Of? During the religious wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, the grace kelly  wedding dress was born. It was done on April 19th, 1956 at 9:30 a.m. at the St. Nicolas Cathedral and was celebrated by the Bishop of Monaco. The press as “the wedding of the century” labeled it. Aside form the church decoration, one of the most anticipated was the grace kelly dress worn by the bride. It was a gift by the MGM Studio to Grace and was designed by Helen Rose. The dress has a high neck and had long sleeves. The gown had a fitted torso with a billowing skirt which was made of 100 yards of silk net, 25 yards of silk taffeta, peau de soie, tulle, and Brussel rose point lace which was 125 years old. Other garments were a Juliet cap, which was adorned with seed pearls, orange blossoms, and a 90-yard tulle was made of the veil.  Grace Kelly and Prince.jpg Just a few years later in Monaco:Grace Kelly , Prince and kids Grace Kelly , Prince and kids Kate Middleton Wears Grace Kelly  Inspired  Wedding Dress Kate Middleton wedding dress After more then 50 years the Grace Kelly  wedding dress is still considered as one of the most influential dresses in the fashion world. This dress from MGM Studio, which was designed by Helen Rose, became an inspiration to the wedding dress of Kate Middleton who was married to Prince Williams. Similar to the Grace Kelly dress, the wedding dress of Kate Middleton also had long sleeves and was made up of lace. Sara Burton designed the dress. Though Kate showed some skin, it was still very tasteful. Both dresses had bodices which are waist cinching and the skirts were of volume to emphasize their figures. The ladies were also similar on the veil which was short with dramatic trains but also no exaggerated. The low V-neck of Kate’s gown added a touch of modernity. Another Grace Kelly inspired dress was worn by Ivanka Trump who was married to Jared Kushner on 2009.

Grace Kelly wedding
Grace Kelly wedding