Every Winter Staple You Need In Your Wardrobe

The temperature is dropping and the chills are gradually becoming a constant presence every day. As Ned Stark said, winter is coming. You now have to upgrade your wardrobe for pieces that you will need for the winter. Something that will keep you warm and cozy while still looking fashionable and stylish as ever. And we’ve got some winter staples that you would definitely need in your wardrobe as soon as possible.

Here are every winter staple you need in your wardrobe now.


A wool coat is essential not only fashionably but also functionally. It’s okay if you have at least one wool coat that you will use for an everyday look. But make sure that it is of versatile color. Something that you could grab from the coat hanger if you are hurrying your way out of the house.

white wool coat winter staple wool coat winter staple


Leather may have been one of the trendy fabrics last season and in spring but it really stands out as a pair of pants during the winter. You could have a tailored leather pants that you would be able to wear indoors like in the office. You could also opt for a skin-tight kind that is perfect to wear when you are having a layered outfit. With a slightly bulky top and a bulky shoes, having a skin-tight bottoms will balance the outfit and keep you from looking overwhelmingly layered.

leather pants winter staple

green leather pants winter staple


You could incorporate a classic black turtleneck in almost any typical winter outfit. The piece is timeless and versatile. Turtleneck adds an ounce of classiness to your outfit, especially if the turtleneck sweater is black. For more on turtlenecks you could go here.

turtleneck top winter stapleblack turtleneck winter staple


Knit sweaters are the epitomes of winter dressing. Nothing says winter-ready more than knit sweaters. It is also an added bonus that knit sweaters gives texture to your outfits. It is highly recommended to get a knit sweater in a color that you will be able to wear with a lot of other pieces–possibly a neutral color. That way, you would be able to incorporate them together seamlessly.

white knit sweater winter staplenavy blue knit sweater winter staple


You all want to have at least one trusty knee high boots that you can wear for the colder days of fall and winter. These are great for either dresses and skirts or pants or shorts. For dresses, skirts and shorts, you could layer tights underneath. I would suggest that, if you still don’t have one, pick a knee high boots that are made of either velvet or leather. These are timeless and will always be around especially during winter.

knee high boots winter staplewinter staple knee high boots


You’ve got plenty of hats to choose from. The most common of all is a beanie. But if you are feeling Bohemian inspired, you could also opt for a wide brim hat.

hat winter staplebeanie winter staple


Unlike everything else that was mentioned in this list, you are able to go for a neutral-colored scarf or a scarf in attention-grabbing prints or patterns.

blanket scarf winter stapledrapey scarf winter staple