Perfect eye make-up for Hazel Eyes

It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Some people are attracted to girls who have tantalizing eyes. And well, knowing what is the best eye makeup for hazel eyes can help you look gorgeous and captivating year round.

So, you want to know how to bring out the best in your hazel eyes? Here are a couple of makeup tips for hazel eyes.

Hilary duff smokey eyes hazel eyes make up

Women with hazel eyes look gorgeous in neutral colors such as brown. Brown-based shades is one of the best makeup colors for hazel eyes that give a fail-proof, gorgeous look every time. You can stick to this shade when none of the colors work out for you.

brown based shades for hazel eyes

First of all, you should keep in mind that the perfect liner colors and best eye shadow for hazel eyes that bring out the most in and really make the color pop are no other than the color green.

hazel eyes green eye shadow

If you’re looking for ways on how to make hazel eyes look green, then green, beige and caramel tones bring out the green. Purple also works best for some.

hazel eyes green make up

If you have hazel eyes, avoid using an excessive amount of blue-hued shadow. Blue eye shadow, when applied properly, and on the right skin tones, looks absolutely great. But if not, you might end up in the disaster zone. Take a look at Rihanna’s make up below.

rihanna blue eye shadow hazel eyes

For some, blue shadow is great for a special occasion if you are looking to dramatize your evening look, however, it can dull down hazel eyes and have the opposite effect of what you hope to achieve. Having blue eye shadow is the perfect example of having a dramatic look.

fluttering blue eye shadow for hazel eyes

Pinks and browns both play up the base make up colors of hazel eyes and work well together. While the color pink may have taken you off guard as an eye shadow for hazel eyes, purple also works very well.

pink eye make up for hazel eyes

Make up for hazel eyes can include shades such as lilac, lavender, violet, plum and even eggplant can really make your eye color pop. Pair it with a purple liner for a more dramatic effect.

light purple eye shadow for hazel eyes

During the holidays, choosing the metallic gold let’s your eyes shine with all the little flecks of color therein.

camilla belle gold eye make up hazel eyes

Stick to your browns and invest in a darker liquid liner for evenings; you will be sure to have a winning sparkle to your evening eyes every time.

lucy hale pretty eye make up hazel eyes