6 Fabulous Tips on How to Wear Colored Pants

A few years ago, most of us would have considered colored jeans to be so 80s. That changed around 2012 when we suddenly discovered jeans does not only come in blue. It became a must-have. And jeans have left its standard color while still remaining timeless. Now, we can see celebrities walk the dull winter in a pop of coral or parade in bright yellows during summer. But how do you really pick out what’s hot and what’s not? Check out these fashion tips and guidelines that you could take note.

Never go wrong with neutral

You can never–I mean, never–go wrong with pairing any colored pants with neutral tones. Neutrals give you more liberty to wear whatever color you want to wear. It could either brighten the bottoms giving a pop of color to your outfit or flatter it. Also, you don’t have to think in fear of whether bold accessories such as bulky jewelries and scarves will fit. They definitely will.


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pretty pink jeans

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denim shirt and hot pink jeans

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Take note of the structure

Colored pants may lessen our worry of whether they would look good on us because they’re too far below our face to have any huge facial impact. However, you can’t just go and throw in a pair carelessly. Consider your body shape and the silhouettes that will complement you. A hemline that hits just at the ankle is flattering to almost anyone. Also, for pastel pants, you can show off the outline of your hips with boxy-silhouetted tops.

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cropped mint jeans

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Your top’s material

Depending on the color and shade of your jeans, there are some textiles that will give various effects to your look. For instance, silk-like tops adds up a dressy factor to your outfit. Leather gives a more edgy feel. Loose cotton offers a breezy and spring air.

chic silky top and purple jeans

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silky top scarlet jeans

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Make people look down… at your shoes

If you have a more dark top-and-bottom ensemble and are hesitant at flaunting the streets in bold colored pants, don’t worry about lacking that ideal pop of color. Slip on a pair of studded ankle boots, bejeweled sandals, printed flats or pointed-toe heels. Just remember that for pastel jeans refrain from using spiked heels and stilettos. Opt, instead, for a more easygoing vibe with mid-height pumps, leather strapped sandals, or clogs that will be definitely fitting for spring and summer.


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printed flats and green jeans


Colorblocking the similar ones

When you want to go for some colorblock, which means pairing solid colors together, try to keep it among the similar shades: bold and bold, pastel and pastel. It looks more gorgeous that way. If you’re going for a loud statement with bold and bold outfits, balance it out with classic accessories such as pearl earrings and unisex watches. If you’re for a more gentle pastel and pastel look, feel free to launch out your most eccentric jewelries.

color blocked blue jeans and pink top

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color blocked pastel

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Print partner

Here’s the basic way of colored pants-and-prints matching: look for that minor or secondary color in your printed top and find a matching colored bottom for that.  For example, you can pair a black-background-and-red-rose floral top with red jeans. You could also go for earthy or neutral-toned prints and slip on a more bold colored pants.

animal print and green jeans with suede belt

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floral print and red jeans

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