Fabulous Ways to Wear a Maxi Skirt for Spring

The maxi skirt trend has been going on for quite a while now and we just love the fact that there’s no sign of this trend going anywhere else soon. What makes the maxi skirt so lovable is that it’s very chic and girly and It’s very versatile as well. It’s not like other trends that are only good for a season or two. Maxi skirts can be worn all year long. You don’t have to worry about keeping them for a certain time and busting them out again for another. We’re a huge fan of maxi skirts (if you can’t already tell) and we know you will be, too, after you read these fabulous ways to wear a maxi skirt for spring.


cute maxi skirt and striped shirt printed maxi skirt

  • With a chambray shirt – the softness of linen and chic look of denim is combined into one piece and that’s the chambray shirt which, by the way, is another hot item for spring. If you have a really flowy maxi skirt and you don’t want your outfit to look too dramatic or anything, you can always use a chambray shirt to dress your maxi skirt down. You can also use a chambray shirt if you want to play and experiment a little with your maxi skirt or just simply go bold with it. With a chambray shirt on top, you wouldn’t have to worry about having too much going on in your outfit, no matter how bold your maxi skirt is.

red maxi skirt

monochromatic outfit with prints bright yellow maxi skirt

  • Monochromatic – monochromatic outfits are great if you want to look taller and slimmer. Now you may think: “if you’re going for a monochromatic scheme anyway, why not just wear a maxi dress?” Well, it’s because doing a two piece outfit with a top and a maxi skirt allows you to get more creative with textures and that is one of the things you’ll want to really be bold with when going monochromatic. Mixing and matching different fabrics to achieve different textures makes a monochromatic outfit more fun and interesting.

monochromatic outfit with prints monochromatic green outfit

  • With a crop top – a maxi skirt does a splendid job in covering you up but if you’re looking for a way to add a bit of sexiness into your outfit without having to cut your maxi skirt into a mini, you can always wear a crop top with it. A crop top allows you to bare some skin in a cool, hip, chic and fun kind of way and because you’re all covered up from the waist down by your maxi skirt, you can forget about looking too racy or risky with this kind of outfit.

blue pleated maxi skirt high slit maxi skirt

  • With a denim vest – a maxi skirt is really easy to style. You can just slip it on, wear a tank top and you’re ready to go. To make an outfit as simple as this more exciting and interesting, though, you can add a few simple pieces to create layers and texture. One of the things we love wearing with a maxi dress and tank top is a denim vest. It’s cool and it really adds that casual feel to a dramatic maxi skirt.

 cropped denim vest white maxi skirt layered outfit