Fancy Fake Eyelashes

Nowadays fake eyelashes are becoming increasingly popular and many of the stars and models have started using fake eyelashes to add more detail to their make up and costume, these kind of fake eyelashes are available in various styles ranging from thick to thin, with added designs, colors and so on. You can go for thick eyelashes if your eyelashes are very thin and looks dull, if you are planning for an eyelash that matches your clothing and design, well there are eyelashes for it too.


These thick eyelashes will make your eyes look beautiful and more visible, if you are worried about your thin eyelash, you needn’t be worried any more as you can make use of these thick eyelashes to make your eyes look pretty and catchy. Many women use these kinds of thick fake lashes across the globe.

thick fake eyelashes

This is a designer kind of eyelashes that looks thick and long with white stones attached to it, this looks shiny and glittery making your eyes glimmer like stars, this can be matched with a heavy eye make up and will be best suited for dancers and fashion ramp walkers.

eyelashes with stones

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant designer eyelash with the touch of nature to it, this kind of tiny butterfly eyelashes will be very apt and they look very cute and pretty with minute designs and though they may look artificial, yet they look very catchy and trendy.

butterfly eyelash

The red and silver glimmering eyelashes are best suited to match your clothes and look hot and sexy. These kind of matching eyelashes can be worn during your club nights, prom, discos etc. glimmer along with the disco lights, and attractive eyelashes.

red eyelashes

This is a different kind of eyelash with the look of feathers. They are colorful and feather like eyelashes that makes your eyes look like cute little birds fluttering.

bird feather eyelash design

This is a tribal design fake eyelashes with curls extra long lashes that are thick near the corner of the eye.

tribal fake eyelashes

This is a feather eyelash with extended feather like lashes in the corner that looks like a bird’s tail two wings kind of design attached to it, this eyelash looks like a tiny black bird.

feathers fake eyelash

This black eyelash has tiny black beads attached to the tips of the lashes making it look different and sexy.

ball edges eyelashes


These kinds of extremely large bottom eyelashes can be used during Halloween and for witch make-ups.

witch eyelashes


This is a cute thick eyelash with a pink color bow attached to the corner that looks girlie and you’ll say “awe cute”.

bow fake eyelashes