Fall Office Wardrobe Must Haves

Aside from you’re your everyday casual and street style looks, you also need to update your office wardrobe when the season changes. From the light and easy summer pieces, you’ll have to switch to heavier and warmer clothes in fall so you can keep warm and keep yourself comfortable in the office. Here are some fall office wardrobe must haves that you should have in your closet this season.

  • Knit sweater – a chunkier and thicker knit sweater is an ideal layering piece for the office. You can do a preppy look with it and wear a buttoned shirt underneath or you can wear it on its own and throw on a coat on top on days when the temps drop drastically.

chunky knit sweater knit sweater and shirt layered outfit mint green knit sweater

  • Plaid shirt – your summer work wardrobe may have overflowed with bright shirts and pastel button ups but now that fall is here, why not get classic and use checkered patterns like plaid to add pops of color to your outfits instead? Plaid has always been a fall staple and your work wardrobe is never complete without at least one plaid printed piece, be it a plaid scarf, a plaid shirt or a plaid suit.

plaid shirt and pencil skirt plaid shirt and sweater black and red plaid shirt

  • Tweed suit – speaking of suits, another fall must have for your work wardrobe is a tweed suit. In case you don’t already own one, you should definitely start scouring the malls for a pair. Of course, you don’t have to always wear both top and bottom pieces together. You can wear your tweed jacket one day and then your tweed skirt or pants the next day.

gray tweed suit karlie kloss tweed  suit tweed suit outfit

  • Turtleneck tops – turtleneck tops are back and they’re one of fall’s hottest trends. What’s more is that they’re perfect for your work wardrobe because they have that proper, professional(ish) look to them. You can wear your turtleneck tops underneath blazer jackets or on their own with trousers.

black and white outfit turtleneck top layered turtleneck outfit black turtleneck and cropped pants

  • Trench coats – another must have that you shouldn’t miss adding to your fall work wardrobe is a trench coat (or two). Trench coats can make any outfit look instantly more posh and polished. They keep you nice and warm as well. Choose a trench coat that ties and cinches around the waist for an extra flattering detail.

fab burberry trench coat chic trench coat outfit taupe trench coat

  • Opaque tights – lastly, if you’re the kind of girl who likes wearing skirts and dresses to work, make sure you have plenty of opaque tights to wear underneath them this fall. Tights will keep your legs warm during the cold fall months and even for the coming winter. They will also add more style to your look. Black tights are always the best and safest ones to wear to work because they’re neutral but a colored pair would look nice, too, against a dark fall office outfit.

black opaque tights cool office outfit lacey outfit and tights