Fashion Faux Pas We All Need to Avoid

Any time you go out to the streets, the mall, the airport or even at work, you’re sure to see people committing fashion faux pas, especially women. These blunders range from the wrong color combination on clothes to poorly fitting clothes and sometimes even just the most unimaginable outfits that would want to make you blurt out snarky comments which, luckily, you are sometimes able to keep inside your head. As horrible as these fashion faux pas may seem, there’s nothing more horrible than committing these mishaps yourself! Read our list of the most common fashion faux pas we all need to avoid and keep an eye on yourself every time. Good luck!

  • Exposed bra straps – no, they’re not sexy at all. They’re hideous. When you’re wearing tank tops, racer backs or strapless tops, please do yourself a favor and wear strapless bras to support your girls rather than just letting your straps show.  Even those clear ‘transparent’ bra straps still prove to be an eyesore.

bra straps bra straps

  • Hanging muffin top – there’s really nothing wrong if you gain a few pounds and a few inches around your waist as long as you make sure that you don’t get hanging muffin tops showing when you’re out in public. While you’re on your way to shedding off those extra pounds you’ve put on, why not wear something that’s not too fitted so that the extra luggage don’t get squished and forced out of your clothes? It’s much more comfortable, too, compared to forcing yourself into those super fitted clothes.

muffin top 2

muffin top

  • Clashing combos – sometimes, wearing random colors, patterns and prints together can create a really fashion forward outfit but if you’re thinking of trying this, make sure that you take a good look of yourself at the mirror to see whether your combination makes sense. If it doesn’t make sense or look appealing to you, don’t expect other people to like it either so you better change into something more pleasing to the eye.

clashing combo clashing combo 2

  • Wrong underwear – whether it’s a bold bra under a sheer white top, panties that make a mark on your pants / skirt or a bra that squishes your boobs out of your top making it look like a baby’s bottom, wearing the wrong underwear is a definite fashion faux pas that everyone should avoid at all times. Wear the right underwear at all times to avoid looking trashy and cheap. Some pieces of underwear that every woman should have include seamless bras and panties, a nude colored bra close to your skin color and proper fitting underwear.

underwear blunder 2 underwear blunder

  • Socks and sandals – unless you suffer from arthritis like grampy and grammy, there’s really no excuse to wear socks with sandals out in public. This one ought to be a fashion faux pas that’s obvious enough to be avoided but some still do it so allow us to just put it out there. If the temperatures start to drop, wear booties to keep your feet warm, don’t just wear socks and sandals and think you can get away with it because you never will. At least not without other people shooting you odd looks.

sandals and socks sandals and socks 2