Fashion Forecast: Summer Swimwear Trends 2014

Summer is coming and the beaches are waiting. Are you ready? Have you gotten rid of all the extra pounds you’ve gained throughout the holiday season? Moreover, do you have all your swimsuits ready? Before you go an all out shopping spree in search for the perfect swimsuit, you might want to discover what’s hot and what’s not for this year’s swimwear styles and designs. Check out our quick guide on the summer swimwear trends for 2014 below.

  • High waist bottoms – high waist bikini bottoms were so popular in 2013 that they’ve been carried over to 2014. That’s great news for all the ladies out there who haven’t been able to lose all the carbs they’ve taken in the past holiday season. Bandeau tops go pretty well with high waisted tops but so do other bikini tops. Matching tops and bottoms are super cute but you can also make your swimwear look more exciting by mixing and matching bikini tops and bottoms.

highwaisted highwaisted bikini bottom

  • Criss-cross swimwear – criss-cross style swimsuits may not be the easiest to put on, in fact you may even need the help of a friend just to get it on correctly, but it sure is one of the sexiest and most interesting styles you can get. Criss-cross swimsuits can also create the illusion of curves so it’s perfect for women who are rather skinny.

criss cross

criss cross one piece

  • Mesh swimwear – for those who like to get frisky and risky with their swimsuits, here’s something you might want to try out: mesh swimsuits. We all know now that mesh is going to be one of the hottest trends for summer of 2014 but wearing it as a swimsuit just seems a little too much for the conservative fashionista beach babe. For the fierce and the bold, though, it would be a nice challenge to be able to show off a bit more skin in a sexy mesh swimsuit.

mesh swimsuit mesh swimsuit

  • One-piece cutouts – one piece bikinis are a classic but classic can be boring sometimes, too. Perk up your plain ol’ one=piece swimwear by opting for those with stunning cutout details. it doesn’t matter whether the cutouts are in front or at the back, a little sliver of skin making a peek-a-boo is sure to get all eyes on you at the beach.

cutout one piece cutout

  • Teeny weeny bikinis – this summer, less is definitely more! Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikinis are in and they’re the best ones you can go for if you’re all for showing off that body you worked so hard for in the past few months. After all those diets and stopping yourself from pigging out the past holiday season, why not reward yourself with a cutesy little bikini to remind yourself that hard work does pay off?

teeny bikini teeny

So now that you have an idea of what the hottest swimwear trends are for summer, go ahead and work your butt off some more to get that body you want and then, treat yourself to one of the sexiest bikinis you can get your hands on and head off to the beach to show off that bod!