Fashion Nightmares and How to Escape Them

Don’t you just hate it when you spend so much time in the morning trying to look as perfect as you possibly can only to see later on within the day that something had gone terribly wrong with your outfit? Most of the time, it’s something embarrassing so you not only have to deal with your fashion blunder but with the humiliation that comes with it as well. Most of these fashion blunders happen when you put on ill-fitting clothes so if you want to stop experiencing these, one easy thing to do is to get your self some good clothes that fit you like a glove. Here are some common fashion nightmares and how to escape them.

  • Muffin top – you’ve been working out with every single chance you get just so you could look fab in that sexy dress you bought for an event this weekend and just as the day comes, you see a muffin top hanging off of your waist. How horrific! An instant fix to this would be to slip in a goof shapewear underneath that dress to get that svelte figure you’ve been dreaming of. In the long run, it would be wise to always go a size up when shopping for clothes. This way, you have some room for a few extra inches and a few extra pounds.

sexy shapely dress stylish preppy outfit

  • Flat rear – so not everyone is blessed with derriere like that of any of the Kardashians. That doesn’t mean, though, that you just have to live with it and go out sporting a flat rear. Shapewear is a great way to get a more shapely butt when you’re wearing something fitted. For jeans, look for a pair that has more back pockets as these can add volume to your behind. You might also want to consider investing in a good set of padded underwear.

business casual

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  • Cankles – cankles usually refer to thick or stout ankles. It’s when there’s no definitive line that separates the calf from the ankles, making your legs look stout and stubby. You may think slipping into a pair of ankle straps is the solution but whatever you do, don’t! Instead, you can go for a t-strap or pointy toe heels to get the appearance of longer and more slender ankles and legs.

cute denima and skirt cankle trick

  • Back fat – no matter what your excuse is, back fat is simply unacceptable. You can cover it up by wearing something loose and drapey but even then, it’s sure to show up somehow. Back fat is often caused by an ill-fitting bra so one smart thing to do to avoid it is to make sure you put on a well-fitting one. Bras with front closure often have smoothing panels as well and those are great for combating back fat so try to get yourself a few couple of those if you don’t already have them.

smooth and sexy back simple and stylish

  • Underarm flab – all of us have them at some degree and your may not show up until you put on an ill-fitting bra. While the long-term solution to this is to tone your arms so they’re less flabby, a quick fix to this is to wear a bra that offers full coverage and one that won’t squeeze and spill out excess fat / skin. If everything else fails, just throw on a blazer on top of your outfit.

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