Fashion Splurges to Make for a Fabulous Summer

Sometimes, revamping your closet and transitioning it from one season to another can be a lot of fun and a lot of hard work as well. Keeping up with the newest trends in fashion for each and every season is easy if you have the money to buy the latest releases from the hottest brands. Otherwise, you’ll have to be wise enough to know which items to splurge on and which items to save as well as which items from previous seasons can still be put to good use. If you’ve saved up some extra moolah to spend on really cute stuff for your summer wardrobe, check out these fashion splurges to make for a fabulous summer.

  • Floral bomber jacket – floral bomber jackets are the bomb! They’re perfect on top of just about any summer outfit you can come up with, from street wear to workplace friendly looks. A bomber jacket is a summer staple no fashionista should be without and adding floral prints to this gorgeous number will give you a very cute and girly piece that you can sport all summer long and even beyond. Stars like Jessica Alba and Jamie Chung have been spotted in floral bomber jackets pre-summer so you better get your hands on one real soon!

floral bomber jacket with monochromatic white summer bomber jacket

  • Bucket bag – you’ve seen this item on top of so many summer must have lists before so it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that we’re encouraging you to splurge on a cute and handy bucket bag you can carry around with you all summer long. Bucket bags are both stylish and super functional with so much space inside to stash your essentials and more into and with style stars like Miranda Kerr carrying one, there’s no reason not to get your own.

beige bucket bag

leather bucket bag

  • Ear cuffs – ear cuffs are perfect for those who like to add a cool edge to their look without going too much over the top or without really sporting anything too big, bold, bright or loud. Sandra Bullock rocked one during this year’s Oscars and we can’t get over how fab it looked on her. Though hers was a bit more of an elegant ear cuff, you can always find one that suits your own personal taste.

cool summer earcuffs cute and girly ear cuffs

  • Thong sandals – thong sandals are the perfect pair of footwear to reach for if you want comfort and style together in one piece. They make your feet look really sexy and cute and you can wear them with just about anything from shorts to leggings to skirts and dresses. Thong sandals are super easy to walk in as well. You can use them all day without feeling any pang of pain as you would if you were wearing slinky high heels.

thong sandals and maxi dress studded thong sandals

  • Sunglasses – no, you don’t have to get yourself a pair of designer sunglasses but do get a pair made of really good quality and, if possible, a pair with added benefits like those that offer UV protection. The price tag on these may be a bit heftier but they’ll do your eyes a lot of good aside from giving you that cool chick look.

stylish blaxk and gold sunglasses chic oversized sunglasses