Fashion Styling Tips When You Have Small Bust

Even as we go way back in history, the fact that–generally speaking–a woman’s bra size is a factor of her attractiveness is pretty well-established. Oftentimes, women with small breasts feels conscious of the lack in their bust area. But just because you have small bust doesn’t make you less attractive than those with bigger bra size than yours.

We are all beautiful in our own way and we have unique assets that makes us attractive compared to others. Besides, we have a long array of famous individuals who own a pair of small busts themselves. Way back from the iconic Audrey Hepburn to today’s Keira Knightley. And we don’t see anyone commentating negatively about their own small busts.

So, for those of you with small busts, here are some fashion tips that might help you take the most of what you have.

There are as much great advantages of owning small breasts as there are disadvantages. But in this article, I want to talk about the pros that you can take advantage of. Firstly, having small breasts will give you the amazing advantage of looking great in a garment with high neckline. The result is a crisp and flattering silhouette.

white high neck blouse

high neck dress

Another thing that you have an advantage of pulling off is going backless. Oftentimes, women have to worry about support when thinking of being daring and wear something backless. But bras will swamp up the appeal of backless clothes. Since you have smaller breasts, you could simply go braless.

backless dress Emma Watson

pink backless top

Similar to getting backless, you could also get away with a plunging neckline. With the same reason as wearing backless clothes, plunging necklines often loose their appeal when you wear a bra underneath. And women with larger breasts usually have to think about the possibility of their breasts “falling out” when going braless in a top with a plunging neckline. You don’t.

white top with plunging neckline

checked jumpsuit with plunging neckline

Now, here is one that a lot of people think ladies with small busts must avoid: tomboy style or sloppy chic outfits. Some say that baggy clothes will not look flattering when worn by someone with small bust. I think otherwise. Women with bee stings are actually fortunate since they can pull off oversized outfits without looking bigger than they are. Keira Knightley’s baggy chic style is the best example.

sloppy chic outfit Keira Knightley

wide-legged pants

For the coming fall, chunky knits and sweaters are the season’s must-haves. And you lucky ladies have the best body to pull off a chunky knit without adding too much unnecessary volume on your top half.

chunky sweater

chunky knitted jumper

Similarly, you also don’t have to worry about looking too heavy or bulky when layering outfits. Having petite chest area gives you the opportunity to look great in layers which is another style technique that will be absolutely popular this coming colder seasons. You lucky things.

white blouse and red dress layered outfit

layered outfit Maria Sharapova

With those pros covered, I will now talk to you about what you can do to emphasize or give the illusion of a larger breast size. First off, wear waist-cinching items such as peplum tops. These clothes often cling to the smallest part of your waist which results to looking like you have a bigger bust than you actually do.

waist cinching dress

white peplum top

You might also want to consider these simple visual illusion technique that consists of using embellishments, ruffles, horizontal stripes, heavy prints, and attachments like pockets around the area of your breasts. These add volume to your chest area giving it the illusion of bigger breasts.

halter top with ruffles

horizontal striped dress

Now, this styling tip is quite unheard of: wear flared jeans. Most flared pants usually have a more fitting upper half and, of course, a flared bottom. This will also help out in making your waists look slimmer that, again, results to having your chest look bigger.

white flared jeans Miranda Kerr

flared denim jeans Alexa Chung

Another helpful styling tip for that waist-slimming-breast-emphasizing technique is to wear wide or corset-style belts. These kinds of belts does the same thing to your waist as flared jeans and waist fitting clothes does.

wide belt over dress

wide belt over coat


Last but definitely most importantly, embrace your body. Love and accept your body for what it is. Blessings can come through many ways but oftentimes, it depends on your perspective on things. While external factors can play a huge role in helping you look great, the most crucial part is still the internal factors–your mindset, self-confidence and level of comfort you have of your body.

All these styling tips will easily be thrown out the window if you don’t have the self-confidence and comfortability that made others see through Audrey Hepburn’s or even Keira Knightley’s fellow small chests. These stars are comfortable with their own body and you should be, too. But should ever your confidence falters, just repeat, “I have a model-esque bust” as a comforting and boosting mantra.