Fashion Tips to Enhance Your Curves Naturally

Curves get a lot of both love and hate from us women. Those who have it don’t seem to appreciate them while those who don’t covet them so badly. While some take curves as an off-putting feature, it’s definitely one of the biggest assets you can flaunt – as long as you know how to do it right, that is. Even women who don’t have much curves can enhance what little they have and turn it into a major asset when the right clothes are worn. So, how do you enhance your curves and make the most out of them? Here are a few fashion tips to enhance your curves naturally.

  • Wear the right kind of jeans – we all know that the right fit is key to looking great in jeans but if you want to enhance your curves naturally, there’s one more thing you should consider when looking for the perfect pair of jeans and that’s the style. Though skinny jeans are very forgiving and on trend, they don’t exactly enhance everyone’s curves. If you’re someone who has a rather straight body, opt for flared jeans. If you’re naturally curvy, you can wear skinny jeans but make sure they’re highwaisted to really define your curves.

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  • Belt benefits – one accessory you can wear to help enhance your curves naturally is a belt. However, you need to make sure you’re wearing it the right way as well. Women who are naturally curvy and would like to enhance their curves more should wear belts to sit towards the waistline while those who have straighter figure should wear belts in such a way that it sits on the hipbones.



  • Choosing colors – most of us think that colors do a great job in making us look thinner, taller, slimmer, more slender but never curvier. The truth is that colors actually also play a great role when it comes to naturally enhancing your curves. Color contrasts details in the right places will help enhance your curves greatly so keep that in mind the next time you go shopping for dresses. The general rule to follow here is: dark colors conceal curves while light colors enhance them. The right colors with the right placement can really do a lot.

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  • Tuck your tops in – another trick you can do to enhance and define your curves more is to tuck your top in. Tucking your top helps accentuate your curves and make them appear more defined. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean tucking your shirt the tacky way like they used to do back in the day. Tuck your shirt in and pull it out a little bit. You can also wear a belt over it if you really want your curves to shine.

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  • Avoid loose, drapey clothing – this isn’t really something all curvy women do but those who are both curvy and on the plus size are often guilty of this. if you really want to enhance your curves, stop hiding them! Stop wearing loose fitting, drapey clothes that conceal your curves. Instead, go for proper fitting pieces that showcase them.

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