Fashion Tricks that Take Attention Away from Your Flaws

We all love to dress up to look and feel pretty and glamorous but sometimes, our flaws and problem areas get in the way and we end up not feeling so good about ourselves whenever that happens. That doesn’t always have to be the case, though. You can always conceal your flaws so that your assets get to stand out instead. With the help of the right clothes and accessories, you can look and feel all day, every day. Check out these fashion tricks that take attention away from your flaws so that your assets are highlighted.

  • Wearing a belt – belts are one of the most useful fashion accessories you can wear. It doesn’t only complete your outfit, it also does lots of other things for you and one of its primary functions is to hold up bottoms that are rather loose so they don’t fall off. Aside from that, though, they can also emphasize your sexy hourglass figure so that the eye focuses on the curves instead of other flaws on your body / silhouette. Need something to catch the eye so it doesn’t see your flaws? Try wearing a belt with a shiny or unique buckle to suck the attention in.

cute black bow belt chic shiny belt

  • Color blocking – color blocking is a trend that’s been around for quite some time now and it’s a trend that stylists use to get a slimmer silhouette. If you’re someone who tends to rely on black to look slimmer when dressing up, this trick is perfect for you during summer since it lets you wear brighter colors while still giving a more trimmed silhouette. The bright colors also tend to camouflage your problem areas so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

clever color blocking outfit

gorgeous summer color block

  • Wearing jewelry – jewelry is one of the easiest ways to redirect the focus of the eyes from your flaws. It works just like lipstick, actually. When you have something bright, fun, bold or sparkly on, the eyes immediately focus on that and your flaws become less noticeable. If you have a big bust that you want to downplay, try to avoid necklaces with long chains to keep the eyes from noticing what you’re trying to conceal. This applies to other parts / flaws as well.

cute statement necklace long chain necklace

  • Mixing and matching prints – not feeling too confident about your silhouette at the moment? You don’t have to wear unflattering, baggy clothes just to conceal your ‘flaw of the moment’. There’s a much more stylish way to do that and that is to wear prints from head to toe. You can wear matching prints or you can also be a bit bolder and do different prints for your top and bottom pieces. Prints will trick the eyes into seeing a better silhouette so it works well on days when you don’t feel to good about your body.

stunning print combo floral head to toe

  • Ruffles – ruffles are great for adding volume to areas that need it. If you’re flat-chested, for example, you can wear clothing with ruffled accents around the bust area to make it appear bigger. These ruffles will also draw attention away from  your flaws in the surrounding areas like your tummy and your arms.

white ruffled top vintage ruffled sleeve top