Fashionable Work Clothes to Make You Look Stylish and Smart

What you wear when you walk in to an interview contributes a lot to the first impression you give to people, especially your potential boss. Making a good and lasting first impression can start with your clothes or how you dress yourself. After acing your interview and landing the job you applied for, you should consider shopping for a few pieces to add to your work wardrobe to make your first impression of being smart and stylish last. Here are some fashionable work clothes that you might want to consider getting:

  • Pantsuit – though you’re not required to be in a suit every day, it’s always nice to have a gorgeous set of pantsuit that you can use for special day in the office like when a big wig comes in for a scheduled visit or when you’re asked anytime to dress your best. However fashion-forward you are, you have to remember that you’re dressing up for work and not a fashion show so keep it down with the pantsuit colors and go for black, whites and nudes then accessorize with statement pieces for a fun twist.

nude pantsuitblack and white pantsuit

  • Pencil skirt – for a feminine but powerful look,  a pencil skirt would be a great choice. Pencil skirts not only give a sophisticated chic vibe, it also does wonders for you if you want to give emphasis to your big behind that  you’ve been working on for forever at the gym.

pencil skirt

mustard pencil skirt

  • Peplum style – peplums are on trend right now and they’re a good choice for office clothes because the lines and structure of these are very clean and sophisticated but also very girly at the same time. You can go for peplum skirts if you want a dressier choice or a peplum top and pants if you want a more casual and relaxed look.

peplum skirtcasual peplum work outfit

  • Button down shirt – invest in button downs if you want something easy to wear for work. Button down shirts can go with anything and everything. Wear it with a skirt, with pants, on its own, under a blazer or a coat, wear it with heels or with flats; the combinations are endless. They can be dressy but they can also be casual. These are one of those things you can just throw on and go and still look well put together.

denim button downclassic white button  down

  • Blazers – you’ll need one or two of these, even if you’re not a big fan. Blazers make you look snappier. You can  wear it over a cocktail dress to make it more work-appropriate if you’re pulling off a day-to-night outfit. You can also wear it to dress down a top that’s too sexy or flashy or to dress up a top that’s too casual.

blazer outfitgrey blazer

Go for clothes with bright colors or fun prints and patterns if you don’t want to drown in the sea of blacks and grays at the office. You can also try stylish trends like wearing prints with another print or color contrasting, just make sure it’s not too much.