Feel Like a Star with Silver Necklace

Selecting the right and suitable silver necklace to purchase is complicated. In fact, it is both confusing and exasperating.

silver bead necklace

Thus, to be able to come up with a perfect choice for a silver heart necklace, you must know several important aspects that need to be put into consideration.

Furthermore, these tips below might be of big help to you.

silver chain necklace

Basically, buy according to your skin tone as well as the shape of your face. That’s the rule of the thumb.

First, determine the tone of our skin. Pay attention to your wrist part. This is a perfect reference point concerning this matter. Basing on the tone of the veins in your wrist area, you will be able to determine whether or not your skin tone belongs to the so-called “cool” category. If not, you belong to the other category that is characterized as the “warm” tone.

silver necklace charms

More elaborately, cool skin tones have bluish tinted veins. Most people have this kind of skin tone including those ones with tan or even dark complexion.

On the other hand, warm skin toned- individuals have greenish colored veins on their wrist area. These people are noticeable to have a yellow or golden undertone in front of a mirror. Additionally, people with naturally red, orange or strawberry blonde hair most tentatively have warm skin tone.

Second, opt for a chain necklace that complements your skin tone as described above. Here is how!

For those people who have cool skin tones; platinum and white gold are highly recommended. Consequently, a silver chain necklace is also a great pick for a chain.

long silver necklace

On the contrary, those warm toned fellows go perfectly with gold, brass, pewter and copper for a necklace chain.

Going further, the choice for the most stunning silver necklace charms is another relevant thing to note.

White pearls and diamonds give a magnificent appeal especially to cool skin toned people; while, favor stones like coral and garden colored pearls go flawlessly with warm skin-toned individuals. Earthy tones such as brown, orange, green, yellow, peach, turquoise, and corals are wonderful as well (for the latter skin tone category).

long silver necklace

Third (and the last), focus your attention on the shape of your face.

Explicitly, a long silver necklace is a good pick for women that are gifted with a beautiful oval face and a short neck. Thus, if you have either a round or square shaped face, you better go for a necklace that extends below the neckline. A 28-inch or a 32-inch one is wonderful.

Furthermore, chokers and silver bead necklace are helpful to achieve contrast and to soften the sharp angle of the chin area especially for women with a heart or diamond- shaped face.  This leg accessory is highly advantageous especially for people with long neck.

silver chokers

In general, knowing these important aspects is such a magnificent step to bring the spotlight on you without any hesitation.

It feels great to be a woman of charm and elegance.

Pamper yourself with this kind of feeling.

You deserve such attention.