Fifty Shades of Grey Inspired Outfit Ideas

You’ve read the trilogy and seen the trailer, now all we can really do is wait until the movie is out. We were all swept away by Christian Grey from the bestselling novel by E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey, so it was but normal that all of us were beyond excited upon hearing the news that the book was going to be turned into a movie. Finally, all those hot, steamy scenes will come to life! We’ll get to see the timid Anastasia Steele morph into a, for the lack of a better word, nympho as Christian leads her into the world of rough and wild fantasies. Ahh, enough with the delicious thoughts. While we wait for the movie to officially come out in cinemas, let’s interpret literature into fashion, shall we? Here are a few of our favorite Fifty Shades of Grey inspired outfit ideas.

  • Monochromatic gray – while we all know that the 50 shades of Grey do not refer to the color gray, one of the easiest ways to interpret the book into fashion is to sport a monochromatic gray outfit. It may be impossible to wear 50 different shades of gray all at once but rocking the color in general from head to toe is easy enough. This is one of my favorite 50 shades inspired outfit ideas for fall.

gray and brown outfit sexy gray look

  • Crisp white shirt dress – remember those parts in the book where Anastasia would wake up in Christian’s home after an intense night of passion and love making and she would just wander around looking for Christian or for breakfast or sometimes both? Oh, it’s so easy to picture her wearing one of Christian’s crisp white shirt with nothing else underneath! Of course, you can’t do that in public so one easy way to make this wearable is to don a crisp white shirt dress on. Accessories with a pair of flirty and sexy heels and finish off your look with messy hair and you’re good to go.

simple shirt dress

white v neck crisp white short shirt dress

  • Leather and studs – I’m guessing we’re all adults here (given that Fifty Shades of Grey is pretty RPG) so let’s just get this out there: the book is filled with hot and steamy BDSM scenes. With this in mind, we take away a really sexy image from the whole novel and create a really sexy outfit. Leather, studs, spikes – these are the components of another one of my favorite Fifty Shades of Grey inspired outfits. Leather pants are really sexy so you can try sporting those and pairing them with an equally sexy leather corset / bustier top. Accessorize with anything studs and spikes and you have your BDSM inspired outfit from the novel.

leather and studs leather outfit super sexy victoria beckham

  • Silk nightgown – boudoir dressing is quickly becoming a hot trend and what better way to get in on the trend than pull off a Fifty Shades inspired look? Slip on your silk night gown and wear your favorite pair of heels. Throw on a blazer on top to make the outfit street style friendly and you’ve nailed the submissive’s play room look to a T.

silk nightie top outfit gold silk night gown sexy night gown and coat