Finding the Best Jean Style for Your Body

Although sometimes it becomes very tempting to just follow every single trend, there are quite a few reasons why we shouldn’t. The number one things that could hinder us from following every single trend we see in the media is our body type and shape. Different body shapes need different jean styles to flatter the figure. When you fail to find the right jean style for your body,  you might just end up with the wrong pair that will accentuate your flaws instead of your assets.

  • Hourglass – the hourglass body shape is perhaps the sexiest and women with this body type are lucky to just be able to don on almost anything and look great in it. However, there are still ways to look even more fab and that is finding the right jean style for your body. The best feature that an hourglass figure has is the curves. To accentuate your curves and keep your torso looking slim, wear a pair of highwaiste or midrise wide legged jeans. Aside from showcasing your sexy curves, this also helps in elongating your legs. Skinny jeans are also great for this figure as long as they are midcut or even highwaisted.

hourglass jeans

flare for pear

  • Pear shape – girls with pear shaped figures should, by all means, avoid jeans that are tapered to the extremes and those that fit too tight because it only makes the bottoms a bigger and also makes your top half look irrationally smaller. To create balance between your top and bottom, wide-legged jeans like flare jeans and trousers are recommended.

flare pear

  • Petite – petite girls are lucky because the trend for leggings and skinny jeans are right up their alley. Skinny jeans and boot cut jeans are highly recommended more than anything else because the way that they fit helps elongate the petite figure. Avoid anything that is cropped or cuffed in the hem as this will only make you look even shorter. Instead, go for pants with regular hemlines.

petite skinny jeans

skinny jeans petite

mint skinny

  • Curvy – curvy women are not always the easiest to dress but with the right pair of jeans, they can look very sexy despite being on the bulkier end. Women with the curvy body type, in general, should  stick to jeans that have a darker wash to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Any jean style that hangs straight from the hips to the ankles are a-okay. Skinny jeans are also okay but make sure to get those that are not super tapered. Avoid low rise jeans by  all means if you are curvy.

jeans for curves

curvy jeans