Finding the Perfect Pair of Skinny Jeans

Whether you’re the type who likes to dress up pretty and girly or you’re one who’s more on the rough side wanting to always sport the street style or just a little bit of everything in between, skinny jeans are essential and should be a must-have in your closet. A good pair of skinny jeans is necessary if you want to always look your best.

The perfect pair of skinny jeans is not really hard to come by as others think. All you really need is to know are the little details you’ll have to look for in a certain pair. We have a few tips on finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans for you and if you take these in to consideration, you’ll be wearing the perfect pair in no time.

  • Size – different stores and brands often have different sizing charts so it’s best that you look this up every time you go to a different store if you don’t already have a favorite one. If they don’t have an actual and visual chart that you can consult, always try different sizes on to see which fit perfectly. If you’re not in a rush, do the fitting in the store to save you time from going back to return the wrong pair.
  • heels and skinny jeans

good fit skinny jeans

  • Length – the perfect pair of skinny jeans should cut off anywhere from under the malleolus or the ball-like bone near the ankle to, at the most, just right by the ankle. However, an extra 1 to 4 inches won’t hurt, just in case they shrink in the wash.

proper length for skinnyjeans

skinny jeans length

  • Wash – if you’re getting denim skinny jeans, you’ll find that there are tons of different shades and washes to choose from. To make it easier just keep in mind that the darker the wash is,  the slimmer the silhouette it gives off. So if your legs aren’t the most slender, go for darker washes to flatter them. The lucky girls who have long, slim legs can most probably pull off the lighter washes better.

dark wash skinny jeans

light wash skinnny jeans

  •  Color – colored skinny jeans are great for expressing your true sense of style. White skinny jeans are perfect for dressing up for summer time. Bold, vibrant colors and soft pastels are perfect for spring and darker colors like black, grey and navy blue are awesome for winter or fall.

colored skinny pans

chic colored skinny jeans

  • Cut – deciding on the cut of your jeans is really important. The right cut will flatter your figure and make you look fab while the wrong one can make you look drab. Low cut jeans are very sexy and trendy. These are great for girls who have sexy, narrow hips. High cut skinny jeans, on the other hand, are perfect for the curvy girls.

low cut skinny jeans

high rise skinny jeans