Five Fabulous Fall Street Style Trends

Mid fall is the perfect time to look for street style inspiration from your favorite fashionistas because by this time, they have already mastered the best of the best trends that came about during early fall. It’s also by this time that the trends have been filtered and all the ones left being sported are pretty much the best of the best. Speaking of the best trends, check out these fall street style trends that are sure to look fab on everyone this season.

  • Casual suiting – suits are becoming everything in the fashion world and with this trend growing only bigger and bigger, I think it’s safe to say it’s slowly becoming something that you can wear every day. Of course, if you do choose to wear it you should make it look more casual which, again, is becoming a big trend for fall. To make suits look casual, wear tailored separates instead of the full set. Non-conventional shapes, colors and print / patters also help make suits look more casual.

suit and sneakers outfit sexy casual suit casual suiting trend

casual suit

  • Mixed grays – don’t want to go too dark but not sure about sticking to light colors for fall either? I know it’s going to sound cliché but this fall gray is the new black. Try a monochromatic gray outfit instead of going dark all the way. Gray is the perfect medium that’s not too dark nor too light. Play around with textures and mix and match prints and patterns to keep your head to toe gray outfit from looking dull and boring.

fall gray outfit mixed gray outfits olivia palermo gray outfit shades of gray outfit

  • Denim overalls – you’d think denim overalls have had their 15 minutes of fame back in summer when they had a major comeback from the 90s but it seems like they’re just about to get even more popular this fall. Give your denim overalls an autumn-y twist by wearing a sweater underneath instead of the usual t-shirt. Top your outfit off with a jacket or coat if it’s too cold.

overalls and sweater plaid shirt and denim overalls denim overalls outfit turtleneck top and denim overalls

  • Shoulder padded jackets – want to get just the right amount of that boyish vibe into your look? Wearing a shoulder padded jacket over your top can help you achieve just that. If you want to keep your look feminine, try to avoid other pieces with a boxy silhouette. If you’re aiming for more of the tomboy look, though, you can go ahead and do that as well as throw in something a little oversized to the mix.

black jacket with padded shoulders fab shoulder padded jacket fab shoulder padded jacket shoulder padded jacket outfit

  • Knee-high boots – despite being once considered a no-no, knee high boots are now making their way to the top of fall’s best trends. Of course, you still have to be extra careful when picking out a pair if you want to make sure you end up with a classy look. Going for low heeled knee high boots is usually the key to making this tricky piece get a more casual look but you can definitely go for higher heels as long as the leg isn’t too fitted nor too frumpy.

dress and knee high boots simple outfit with knee high boots sexy knee high boots flat knee high boots