Flattering Swimsuit Styles for Any Body Type

Choosing a swimsuit is a little bit more complicated than you think. You’ll have to choose a swimsuit that not only looks cute on you but will bring out the best in your figure as well, especially if you’ve worked so hard in getting that beach body prior to summer. It can be so easy to get swayed by the new and upcoming swimsuit trends but you’ll have to remember that not all of these might work for you. Different body types look best in different cuts and styles of swimsuits. What flatters one may not flatter the other in the same way. In fact, it may not even flatter the other one at all. If you are still looking for a few couple of swimsuits to add to your collection this summer but you are not sure on what to get, check out these flattering swimsuit styles for any body type.

  • Triangle – some think that triangle swimsuits are too skimpy for them but they’re actually really flattering, no matter what your body type is. It’s surprising and it’s effective if your goal is to show off that beautiful body. If you’re planning on taking on some really rough activities while at the beach, though, you may want to consider the other swimsuit styles to follow since triangle bikinis aren’t exactly meant for super active beach babes.

cute purple triangle swimsuit triangle black trim

  • Cupped – are you the type who likes to stick to classics? Don’t even bother with people telling you that your style is boring because classic is always chic, even with swimwear. One classic swimsuit style that’s sure to flatter all women regardless of their body type / figure is the cupped style. Many people think that you have to have a large bust to look good in cupped swimsuits / bikini tops but the truth is that you can actually wear these whether you’re well-endowed or not. Flat chested girls can get the illusion of bigger boobs while women who already have enough are sure to look smoking hot in them.

colorful cupped swimsuit

floral cupped swimsuit

  • Bandeau – bandeaus are always a best seller when it comes to swimsuit and that has been proven over and over countless summers before. Not only are they really flattering on any figure, they’re very versatile as well and they work so well with so many looks outside the beach and way past summer. You can wear them all year round, on their own or as a layering piece, depending on the kind of look that you are going for.

color block bandeau immaculate white swimsuit

  • Plunging V line – V-line swimsuits are another universally flattering styles of swimsuits. This swimsuit style is perfect for those who want to wear a one-piece swimsuit but want to add a bit of sexy flare to it. What makes this swimsuit style flattering on everyone is that it covers up areas that tend to be ‘problem areas’ and bares what usually tends to be most women’s assets which is the bust / cleavage. It’s also one of those swimsuit styles that never go out of date so it’s a great addition to any girl’s wardrobe.

deep v white swimsuit sexy red swimsuit