Formal Dresses for Special Events

Formal dresses are used for various formal events such as wedding, debut, formal dinner party, formal garden party, formal prom or dance and other formal occasions as specified by the dress code in events. For some, formal dresses are the most difficult to choose because as much as you would want to wear the style that you want, some dress styles are not fitted for formal events. Also, a formal dress may be more cumbersome to wear than a casual dress because it entails proper posture, poise and walking.

Dresses for formal events are usually long formal dresses, but some actually use a short dress depending on how formal the style is. Here are some of the ideas for formal dresses women choose the most:

Go Black and White

Most countries make black and white as standards for formal gowns because these colors are simply exquisite and fit formal events best. Black and white are also very classic and very stylish.

You will never go wrong with girl’s formal dresses in black. This formal dress worn by Angelina Jolie is a combination of style, glamor and sexiness. Beat the monopoly of using simple black dresses by using this long black dress with a sexy slit.

Angelina Jolie and Her Formal dress

White dresses are also basic when it comes to formal dresses for women. A Venus cut adds glamor and just like the black dress above, a high slit adds highlights to the dress. Make sure you have the guts to wear long slits.

Venus Cut Formal Dress

Go for V-Strapped Dress

V-straps are also in when it comes to women’s formal dresses. The straps actually add more elegance to tube girl’s formal dresses. Nicole Kidman poses for Golden Globe Awards in her Versace formal dress.

Long Formal Dress

A reinvention of the V-straps is this formal dress with A-lined skirt. Formal dresses usually need to be flowing and not bulky, so wearing this dress gives you a picture-perfect look in your event.

Formal Dresses

Go Tube

Cameron Diaz poses during the 2010 Oscars in this dazzling tube dress. Tube dresses are also classic when it comes to formal evening dresses for women so you can actually get one of this one. The designs in this golden dress add attraction during night events because it reflects light efficiently.

Cameron Diaz formal dress

This simple white dress is an epitome of formal dresses because it is simple, yet very elegant. This dress is best for weddings and formal company parties.

Elegant Formal Dress

Young ladies looking for prom dresses also usually have one of this tube dress. This floor length tube dress is best for dances and balls because you never have to worry about stepping on your dress.

Green Formal Dress

Go Backless

For daring women, backless gowns break the monotony of boring dresses. The celebrities below usually love backless dresses because it reveals a sexier you on the other side.

Backless Formal Dress

Go Cute

If you are into cute pieces, choose princess or fairy tale-inspired formal dresses. However, make sure not to get something that will make you look like a child during a formal event. This pink dress studded with rhinestones can be your option.

Dazzling Formal Dress

Go Short

Short dresses may also suit formal events just as long as the design is not casual. This single-sleeved short dress is best for formal events because of the elegant style. Short formal dresses are best for weddings as well as cocktail parties.

Short formal Dress

There are various formal dresses to choose from, but these are the highly-rated designs that you can consider for your next formal night event.