Fresh and Exciting New Ways to Wear Pastel Colors

The spring warm weather has finally come upon us which means it’s officially time to retire dark, warm colors and get into a happier mood with cute pastels. Though neons and jewel tones are always great colors to wear for spring, there’s just something about pastel colors that make them so enticing and appealing for our spring wardrobe. You may have seen them before and you may already have an idea on what to wear with your pretty pastel pieces but in case you’re looking for fresh and exciting new ways to wear pastel colors, check out our tips below.

  • Mix pastels with neutrals – some of you may have already been put off by the pastel color trend simply because it’s ‘too girly’ for your taste. Mixing and matching pastel colors and neutral colors together in one outfit is a great way to keep your look from being too saccharine. Adding a few beige or nude pieces will nicely tone down any sweet pastel outfit so you can achieve a more mature look with it.

neutral and pastel colors neutral

  • Try mint green with lively pops of red – red and green may sound Christmassy but not when you’re using mint green with lively pops of red as a complimentary color accent. You can don on a mint green top or wear a pair of mint green pants and match it with a bright red belt, a pair of red shoes or even just a sexy red lip. Instead of a tacky Christmassy look, this combination makes for an unexpectedly chic, vintage-inspired outfit.

mint and red


  • Wear them with print – if you find that plain, solid pastel colors on your clothes are a little too sweet for your liking, try looking for pastel colored outfits that feature cute prints. Most of the time, you’ll find pastel colored pieces with vintage-inspired prints that give it a shabby chic vibe so if you’re looking for a ways to get that old-world glam, this is the perfect way to do it.

print outfit print

  • Pick pieces with quirky details – wearing pastel colors in your outfit does not always have to be about looking girly and sweet. Pastel colors were big back in the 70’s and if you know where to shop, you’re sure to come across some macaron-hued items with funky details that you can wear for an eclectic look. Pleated pastels, pastel colored clothes with an offbeat silhouette, frills and fringes and other ‘thing of the seventies’ details can be found from thrift stores at very reasonable and affordable prices. This is a great idea if you want to jump in on the pastel color trend without breaking the bank.

retro retro pastel

  • Go all out and get girly – this is not for the faint of heart so if you aren’t about taking fashion risks and making statements with your outfits, I suggest you stop at the last bullet and take it from there. If you like experimenting, mixing and matching pieces and coming up with one-of-a-kind looks, though, you should definitely give this a shot. Go out and get girly with your pastel colors by wearing them with ultra-girly pieces like flouncy skirts, flirty lace and darling doilies. Do a pastel on pastel combo for the sweetest, girliest look.

girly pastel girly