Fresh Ways to Wear Leather for Fall

Leather has always been one of the staples for a stylish and comfy fall wardrobe. It has a sleek and sexy look to it that will make you want to wear it with each chance you get. Leather is warm which is why it’s perfect for cold weather days. I bet if you go through women’s closets, 90% of them will have something in leather for their fall (and even winter) wardrobes. Sometimes, though, because leather is so common during these seasons, it can be a bore to see the same leather pieces over and over again which is why we’ve compiled this list of fresh ways to wear leather this fall. Check it out and tell us how you like to wear your leather in fall.

  • Leather baseball cap – instead of warming up your noggin’ with a cutesy beanie, give it a bit more edge and put on a leather baseball cap. It’ll give you a nice sporty yet cool and edgy vibe that’s perfect for updating your street style game.

leather baseball cap chic baseball cap chic black leather baseball cap

  • Leather shorts with heels –shorts are always great for showing off those beautifully toned legs but wearing leather shorts just makes it a whole lot sexier. Add a pair of fierce heels to that and you have yourself a drop dead gorgeous outfit that’s sure to make everyone stop and stare. Leather shorts and heels are also great for when you want something more dressy but also more comfy.

neon shoes outfit valentino shoes and leather shorts fierce heels and leather shorts

  • Leather dress – anyone who can pull off a leather dress is always considered street style snap worthy. Wear your leather dress with softer pieces like fur or a dramatically drapey cardigan to make the look more feminine or go all out.

sexy leather dress slit dress outfit cameron diaz leather dress

  • Leather pencil skirt – surprise everyone at work by sporting a leather pencil skirt that will make any ordinary office outfit look fabulous and runway ready. Leather pencil skirts may take some time getting used to so go ahead and buy that baby now and start striding in it with your most beautiful pair of pumps.

black white and red outfit chic pencil skirt outfit black pencil skirt

  • Leather knee-high boots – whether you’re looking for something to complete your fantasy Halloween costume or you’re actually trying to make an outfit look sexier, a pair of leather knee-high boots is sure to get the job done for you. Give your outfit more sex appeal by going for a really high-heeled pair or dress it down and go for leather utilitarian knee-high boots for a more rough and rugged look.

sexy knee high boots kim k boots flat leather boots