Fresh Ways to Wear White for Spring

Spring is all about being fresh and light, whether it’s fashion or beauty. It’s the total opposite of fall and winter when warm and dark colors abound. Though pastel colors are one of the hottest trends for spring this year, other colors look especially amazing too. White, for example, is a color you can wear this spring to instantly give your look a very light and crisp feel to your look. It’s easy to style, too, as it goes with most other colors and pieces. Here are some fresh ways to wear white for spring.

  • White eyeliner – white eyeliner may seem unusual, especially if you’re used to the regular black and brown ones but it’s totally wearable and can even make you look a whole lot prettier. You can use white eye liner on the inner corner of your eyes as well as on the lower water line to make your eyes look wider, more open and more awake. It also gives your whole eye makeup  look a very subtle dramatic look.

white eye liner on inner corners white eyeliner as highlight

  • White eye shadow – white shadow may not appear very well on very fair skin but it does make a great highlight color. Choose a white eye shadow that has a shimmery or a pearlescent finish and use it under your brows, on your brow bones as a highlight color. You can also use this as a quick substitute for proper highlighter on the cheek bones and other areas. If you have a darker skin complexion, you can use matte shadow as part of your eye makeup look. The color will show much better and will create wonderful contrast with your skin as well.

white shadow as highlight

cool white eye shadow

  • White dress – I personally recommend getting at least one casual white dress and another one that’s dressier or more formal. White dresses never go out of style but they look especially and exceptionally fabulous when worn during the spring time. A white dress with a casual vibe like a baby doll dress or a maxi dress is perfect for lounging around on a lazy spring day while a dressier white piece can be your go-to alternative for the conventional Little Black Dress for more formal events and occasions.

flowing white dress simple white dress

  • White blazer – a white blazer, for me, is the ultimate spring topper. Just throw on any outfit you feel like wearing for the day and top it off with a nice and crisp white blazer to instantly spring-ify your outfit and make it look fresh and stylish. And because it goes well with practically anything and everything from your closet, styling a white blazer is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

streetsttyle white blazer outfit cute white blazer

  • White monochromatic outfit – for a really chic and sophisticated spring time ensemble, try putting together a white monochromatic outfit. All white outfits used to be reserved only for Labor Day weekends but today you can wear them anytime, any day. A crisp, white shirt paired with white shorts scream spring stylista while white spring knits and white skinny jeans together make for the best outfit to cozy up in for April showers.

chic white outfit white tank and shorts