Fun Ways to Style Your Bridesmaids Dresses

A wedding becomes so much more special with the best of your friends around and since they’ve said yes to being your bridesmaids, it’s time for you to return the favor and make sure they look stunning on your special day so you can all look fabulous in pictures that you’ll be looking back on in the future. All of your bridesmaids will have different preferences when it comes to dresses and one of the hardest challenges in deciding what to make them wear on your wedding day is figuring out how each and every one of them can get a bit of what they want in their dresses without your side of the entourage looking like a bunch of strangers pulled out from the streets to become your bridesmaids. Here are some fun ways to style your bridesmaids dresses that are sure to make everyone happy.

  • Same dress, different colors – if your bridesmaids want different colors for their dresses (because, let’s admit it, everyone has that color they look super good in) but you still want that uniformed look for pictures, you can let them wear the same style of dresses but in different colors. If you have a color motif for your wedding, you can let them pick which color (that goes with your motif) to wear. Otherwise, you can let them choose whatever color they want and you’ll still get that nice uniformed look for them.

same dress different colors sweetheart dresses in different colors

  • Same everything, different necklines – do you want each and every one of your bridesmaids to have a unique look for your wedding but still want them to still somehow achieve a cohesive look with you in pictures? Why not let them freely pick the neckline they want incorporated in their dress? Their dresses will be in the same color, length, bodice and everything and the only thing that will distinguish them from one another is the neckline on their dresses. This lets them choose what really flatters their figure as well.

same bodice different necklines

varying necklines for bridesmaids dresses

  • Same color, different dresses – if you want your bridesmaids to stick to the color motif you’re doing for your wedding but you still want them to feel free to choose their dress, you can let them choose dress styles different from one another but they will have to keep it in the same color which is a color that will fit well into your color motif.

same color different dresses navy blue color different styles

  • Same color palette, different dresses – bridesmaids not all in the same city / state? Well, it could be difficult to get everyone to fly in and out just to get measured and fitted (and it can be pretty expensive, too) but there are so many ways to make it work. If your bridesmaids are getting their dresses done by different tailors, you can simply tell them what color you want them to wear and they can have whatever design done. You can’t expect their dresses to be in the exact same color, made from the same fabric but they will be in the same color palette so it will be like a graduation of colors when they come together.

purple shades bridesmaids dresses shades of gray

  • Same element, different dresses – for an informal wedding like an outdoor / backyard wedding, you can get even bolder and let your bridesmaids wear totally different dresses with just one element to serve as their common denominator. It can be ‘any dress with sequins’, ‘any dress with ruffles’ or whatever you want them to have in common.

lace crochet details rosegold sequined dresses