Fun Ways to Wear Denims for Summer

Denim has always been the ultimate fabric for casual and street style outfits and though it’s really versatile and can be worn all year long, I find that a lot of us tend to wear them more during the summer. One of the things that I know all of us have in our closets are denim pants and while they’re really easy to style, don’t you just sometimes get bored of them and wish you could wear your denims another way? You don’t have to be stuck with denim pants all summer long, you know. Check out these fun ways to wear denims for summer.

  • Denim shorts – looking for a sweat-free way to wear denims under the hot summer sun? if you’re not going anywhere where full pants are required, why not sport a pair of shorts instead? Denim shorts work great with any casual and street style summer look and they’re much lighter and cooler than full denim pants as well. Wear them to the beach, to the mall or wherever a lazy summer day takes you and your friends. You can wear denim shorts with just about anything as well from plain shirts to tank tops and crop tops too.

summer denim shorts light knit and denim shorts

  • Denim vest – a denim vest is a great alternative to a denim jacket if the weather is too hot for the latter. You can wear it on top of just about anything and everything in your closet. It looks much younger, more fun and more hip as well so it’s perfect for teens and young adults but even if you’re a full grown woman, you can still wear one to dress down a rather fancy piece.

dark wash denim vest

denim vest and dress outfit

  • Chambray – if you live somewhere really hot you might think that wearing denim isn’t the most convenient thing but don’t give up just yet! You can still get the look of wearing denim without having to deal with the actual fabric and that is by switching it up and going for chambray instead. Chambray is a lot softer than denim, too, so it’s great for those of you who have sensitive skin.

cute and casual chambray outfit cute chambray shirt

  • Denim dress – denim dresses are super cute and fab for summer! Wear them to the beach or on top of your bikini when you’re about to hit the beach. Most denim dresses tend to be loose fitting, though, so make sure you have a gorgeous belt to go with it and to accentuate those sexy curves. For a more polished look, wear your denim dress with fierce heels. If you want to do a fun look instead, you can wear it with flats or flip flops and top it off with a cute hat.

cute denim dress denim shirt dress

  • Denim skirt – want a more feminine way to wear your denims this summer? Instead of opting for denim pants or shorts, why not wear a denim skirt instead? It’s super chic and is great for a lot of looks, too. You can wear a denim and denim skirt instead of pants for a denim on denim look, too, to give the trend a fresh new take.

distressed denim skirt flirty denim skirt