Fun Ways to Wear Fringes for Summer

Fringes have always been a summer must have and this year, they’re hotter than ever which is why a lot of designers are incorporating them into the summer pieces they design. I think fringes are one of those little details you could have added to a piece to instantly make it scream summer and I think that they’re super fun to wear and carry around, too. If you’re still looking for fun pieces to add to your summer wardrobe this year, why not get something fringed? Check out these fun ways to wear fringes for summer.

  • Cross body bag – summer days are filled with fun activities and for those, you need to have both of your hands free so a cross body bag is something you should always have in your summer closet. To make your cross body bag even more summery, why not opt to get one that has fringes on it? Fringed cross body bags are super cute and you can get them just about anywhere as well, from your local Target / Walmart to your favorite stores like Forever 21 and even some high end designer brands.

summer fringed bag beach bag with fringes

  • Skirt – a fringed skirt is something you can wear if you want to wear something sexy but not too revealing and not too skin-baring. Fringed skirts are always popular during summer music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo so if you’re festival bound anytime this summer (or well beyond summer), you might want to consider getting yourself a fringed skirt or too. Don’t worry if your budget is a tad tight, you can always DIY one using an old maxi skirt you rarely use!

short skirt fringe

white fringed skirt

  • Crop top – are you sick of not being able to wear those cute and sexy crop tops this summer just because you’re not too confident about baring your midriffs for all of the world to see? Well, here’s a really chic solution to your dilemma: why not wear a fringed crop top instead? The fringes do a pretty good job in partially covering up your tummy so you don’t have to feel totally half naked in a crop top. Fringed crop tops look good with most bottoms – from pants to leggings to shorts and even skirts so styling shouldn’t be a problem at all for you.

festival fringed crop top sexy black fringed top

  • Dress – one of the things that I know a lot of women really love about summer is the fact that dressing up is super easy during this time. Just slip into a dress and you’re done and ready to go. If you feel like dressing up easy in a dress but don’t want to look too girly and sweet, though, you can always add a hint of hippie / Bohemian chic to your outfit by opting for a fringed dress instead.

crochet fringe dress fringe overlay dress

  • Kimono – kimono style cardigans are big for summer this year and if you’re still looking for a way to get some fringe on, wearing a fringed kimono is definitely one of the most stylish ways to go. Wear it on top of a tank top, you shirt, a dress or even your bikini (just like a coverup) – the ways to wear a fringed kimono is just endless. If you’re looking for an easy way to wear fringes, fringed kimonos are the way to go!

black summer kimono sheer fringed kimono