Funky Leather Earrings for Women

Leather has been used for accessories for so long, but rarely do women get to wear leather in their ears. Leather necklaces and leather bracelets are very popular so if you want to complete that leather look, you may use leather earrings as well.

Leather earrings look very festive, but natural and they are very suitable for your casual and every day look. Leather fashion earrings are also very funky so pair those funky outfits with an equally funky leather earring. Here are some of the celebrity leather earrings that you can imitate:

Simple Leather Earrings

What’s good about leather earrings is you can do any design with leather from simple to extravagant  This simple leather earring is made from a simple cut connected to a chain for a simple casual earrings.

Pretty Leather Earrings

Round is a classic shape in earrings. If you want hoop earrings in leather, then  getting one of this is a perfect choice. You can discover plain colors to rainbows according to your taste.

Sexy Leather Earrings

Colored Leather Earrings

Leather earrings can also be colorful such as this one. Leather can be easily dyed so you can have the most unique colors in your ears. This funky leather dangling earring is one of my favorite.

Colorful Leather Earrings

Aside from colorful ones, you can also have unique designs and cut outs fro leather such as this one in the picture. It is actually best for a Reggae feel.

Cool Leather Earrings

You can also have a native feel in your earrings using this Native American inspired leather earrings. It looks very pretty and funky at the same time.

Cute Leather Earring

If you want some glamour in your leather earrings, then get this black pointed leather earring for a chic look.

Edgy Leather Earring

You can also have long earrings with leather by having this cute earrings in red leather. The red leather is actually complimented by a red gem for added style.Exotic Leather Earrings

The designs in leather earrings is just limitless. You can also opt for this design or just make you own one using unique cut outs from your favorite leather. Leather earrings

When it comes to leather, fringe or tassel earrings are very popular. This leather fringe earrings is very pretty with the complimenting pastel colors. Leather Fringe Earrings

Leather earrings can also be personalized with this strip earrings. It is actually a combination of tassel leather and a leather strip for that one of a kind design.

Leather Strip Earrings

Leather earrings can be made into hundreds of designs considering the versatility of leather. Choose your own design for that funky look in your day outfits.