Sparkle with Glitter Nails

Glitter nails or the glitter nail design is a big trend right now. A lot of women have been choosing this kind of nail design for their manicure service.  They just stand out and shimmer in the sun.

There are a number of different ways you can achieve this beautiful sparkling effect depending on what type of nails you currently have and/or your preferences. If you are one of those who have nice fingers with decent length nail bed and you don’t experience your nails break or crack that often then this is the option for you.

silver glitters nail polish

To achieve this “bling-bling” effect, you can just pick out a glitter nail polish that you like for the tips, and then pick out a nice base color that would go well with your skin for the nail bed and you should be ready to go. For better contrast, I recommend using darker and thicker polish.

glitter nail polish

You can also use glitter gel nail polish. Glitter gel nail manicures can be done with loose glitter or it can be done with polish that already has glitter in it, like the gelish brand and other generics.

glitter gel nails

Using regular polish is not recommended if you intend to keep your nails looking nice for a couple of weeks because regular nail polish doesn’t stay that good on natural nails. The good news is in the last couple years, gel polish is starting to replace the use of regular nail polish.

glitter nails

Also, usually when working with glitter, it can get a bit messy but then you will be surprised because the colors are bright, bold and blingy!

glitter gel nail art

Glitter gel nails and regular gel nails without glitter have the same benefits. Glitter gel nails last longer than acrylic nails while still giving you that manicured look that you crave.

purple glitter nails

Glitter gel nails can add “a little something extra” to your manicure or pedicure, and are easily achieved with the addition of glitter to your gel nail polish.

loose glitter nails

Gel nails are simply a form of artificial hardener that also can strengthen your nails and is used to create a refined and polished look, much like your natural nail.

cute glitter gel nail design

When it comes to manicures and pedicures, more women prefer gel nails vs. acrylic nails since gel nails have a more natural look whereas acrylic nails can look thick and obviously fake, and even sometimes a bit tacky.

glitter-nails manicure

There are many different brands out there but the most popular one yet is gelish. gelish soak off gel polish has a line of beautiful glitter colors that you can apply using UV technology.

green glitter gel nail art