Gorgeous Cold Weather Fashion Trends

You may have noticed that the temperature has already dropped dramatically these past few days leaving fashionistas no choice but to ditch any other clothes that provided no warm or comfort for the cold weather and bundle up in warm and cozy pieces like jackets and sweaters. However, a few gorgeous and fabulous fashion trends have come about and many are still coming on, giving women with the passion for fashion the chance to stay stylish despite the cold weather. Here are some of the most gorgeous cold weather fashion trends that  we think are super cute and totally worth a try:

  • Winter whites – dark colors like black, purple, blue and gray used to dominate the winter fashion scene but that’s no longer the case today. Today, an outfit with light colors are on trend, especially when it’s all in white. Wearing white from head to foot is such a pretty way to get into a ‘winter wonderland’ kind of mood for days with cold weather. You can choose to keep it all white from your outfit down to your accessories or you can also add in other colors to break the monotony.

winter white outfit winter white

  • Floral prints – back in the day, colder seasons like fall and winter used to be the seasons for wearing clothes in rich, plain and solid colors. Today, you’ll see a lot of prints on outfits that fashionistas create for cold weather and floral print is one of the hottest and trendiest. Floral prints used to be worn only in summer and sometimes spring but today, it’s a great way to add color and detail to any outfit for cold days.


floral outfit

  • Tartan and plaid – another print that’s making it into the cold weather fashion scene are the tartan and plaid prints. In general you could say that these two prints are the same but they do have slight differences, especially when it comes to origin. Wearing these prints are easy if you’re mixing them with other pieces in plain solid colors but pulling off a head to toe look in tartan and / or plaid can prove to be quite a challenge.

tartan and plaid tartan

  • Oversized statement coats – oversized statement coats are another thing to get yourself to brace you from the cold weather. Coats that are oversized are warmer and more comfortable because they have more space for you to move around in. You can get an oversized statement coat in a nice plain color but if you want to make a really loud and proud statement with it, you can also choose one with interesting prints and patterns. Make sure that all other pieces you wear with an oversized statement coat have a slim silhouette so that it balances out the volume from your coat.

oversized statement coat oversized

  • Flirty and feminine skirts – skirts used to seem so impossible to wear on days with cold weather because your legs tend to get exposed and freeze with the temperature but today fashionistas prove that showing off your flirty feminine side by wearing skirts in cold weather is doable. Full maxi skirts are great at keeping you both stylish and comfy because you’re well covered up wearing them but if shorter skirts are your thing, you can always wear leggings or tights underneath your skirt to give you extra warmth.

skirt outfit skirt