Gorgeous Embroidered Dress

Embroidery is such a delicate and intricate design you can out on clothes and other fashion items. It’s something that looks very classy and traditional but not outdated. There are a lot of clothing pieces today that are embroidered to give them a pretty and dainty look. Most of the time, girly embroidery patterns like fleur de lis, flowers and the like are what you would see on tops, skirts and dresses. An embroidered dress is something you can wear if you’re looking for a simple piece with gorgeous detail.

Brands like Top Shop and Forever 21 have some of the most stunning embroidered dresses you can find. These brands have their embroidered dressed priced reasonably, too, so there’s no reason for you not to grab one for yourself and pull off a chic look with it. Here are some beautiful embroidered dress we found that you might like as well:

  • Black and white embroidered dress – this black and white dress is simply divine! The combination of the colors black and white, of course as well all know, is such a classic one and it gives the dress a very sleek and sophisticated look. We also love how the traditional embroidery pattern is used on such a modern-looking style of dress. This dress is something that can take you easily from day to night on a fully packed day.

black and white embroidered dress

  • Little black dress with gold embroidery – whoever made this dress sure added a wonderful spin to the plain old little black dress by embroidering those gold animal silhouettes on it. Surprisingly, the animal embroidery has not made the dress look cheap but rather it actually made the dress look more unique and sophisticated and, if anything, made it look like a designer piece.

Black Embroidered dress

  • Casual chambray tunic – this dress may look like a denim dress at first but it’s actually made of chambray which is a fabric that looks just like denim but has a softer feel to it like that of linen. The white embroidery on this casual tunic is very simple and laidback which makes the dress perfect for a casual summer day.

casual tunic embroidered dress outfit

casual tunic embroidered dress

  • White embroidered dress – a white dress is very ideal for embroidering designs on because the embroidery will really pop and stand out. White embroidered dresses are very summery. They’re the kind that you would typically wear on a trip to the beach as they could also double as a cover up. White embroidered dresses are easy on the eyes and are very easy to style. Just wear them with anything you fancy and you’re good to go.

casual white peasant embroidered dress casual white peasant embroidered dress outfit

  • Mini boho-ish embroidered dress – this mini dress that looks like a tunic top has a very bohemian look that’s perfect if you want to incorporate boho chic in your ensemble without going all out. The embroidery details are simple but they look super posh on the dress.

kaftan boho embroidered dress

  • Embroidered boho kaftan – kaftan dresses are perfect if you’re going for an organic boho look. The loose fitting dress is perfect for achieving that relaxed and laidback boho vibe and the embroidered details on this particular dress look very natural, too.

kaftan embroidered dress

  • Spring dress – spring is the perfect time for wearing bright colors and floral prints and this dress is the perfect thing to wear if you’re looking for a posh spring daytime look. The stunning emerald green color of the dress creates such a wonderful contrast with the colorful embroidery details.

spring embroidered dress