Gorgeous Party Dress Styles for the Holidays

We all know that the holidays are the most festive days all throughout the year. It’s always a string of parties for days on end. Sometimes, too, it’s not just the holiday parties that are taking place. There are girls’ nigh out parties, after office parties, wedding parties and the occasional ‘just because’ parties. All these mean that you need to dress up and look fab all the time. Of course, different parties call for different dresses. Here are different gorgeous party dress styles that you can certainly use for the holidays. Take your pick and party the night away!

  • A line party dress – looking for something that can take you easily from day to night? An A line dress in a festive color such as red will surely save you lots of time preparing for an after office hours party. You can wear this dress to work and top it off with a blazer jacket or a coat and simply remove it once you arrive at the party scene. Add on a gold belt for a bit more glam and you’re all set!a line party dress peplum party dress
  • Little Black Dress – dressing up for all these holiday parties sure can be stressful, especially when you have a limited wardrobe. One good piece to invest in, no matter if it’s the holidays or not, is a classy little black dress. You can rely on your LBD on days when you’ve exhausted all the items in your wardrobe and the party invites keep on coming. Changing up the accessories you pair it with will instantly create a different look so you can wear it to different parties, too.

little black dress

LBD outfit LBD

  • Glitter party dress – partying out with the girls tonight, eh? Well, make sure you look fab and glamorous in a really stunning glitter party dress. Go all out on the glitter (and maybe some sequins, too) if you really want to steal the scene and turn heads but if you just want something that’s nice with a bit of glitzy glam, you can go easy on the shimmer. This is perfect if you’re planning on partying at the club.

glitter glitter dress

  • Lace dress – lace is a very girly and romantic fabric. It’s very dainty and it’s perfect if you want a soft feminine look. if you’re going to a wedding party during the holidays, a lace dress is definitely the way to go. Do choose a color that’s easy on the eyes, nothing too bright or bold and stay away from black and white as some find these colors offensive for weddings.

blue lace dress lace dress lace

Remember that the holidays are all about being merry and festive so don’t be afraid to channel that vibe into your outfit. Make it a point to dress up appropriately for different parties. As for accessories, you can go wild and funky by going for stacked up and oversized pieces if the party you’re going to calls for it but if not, keep it classy and to a minimum and remember the fashion rule ‘less is more’. Lastly, go for party dresses that you are comfortable in so they don’t hinder you from having fun.