Gorgeous Tops to Wear with a Leather Skirt

Leather skirts are very sexy. They exude such a fierce and bold vibe. Any fashionistas knows that a leather skirt is a must have. It can be worn any time, any season but leather skirts look and feel particularly glamorous during fall. Some women shy away from wearing a leather skirt because they’re afraid that it’s going to look too punk rock-ish and that they may not be able to pull it off. What most women don’t know is that you can create all sorts of styles and outfits with a leather skirt. It all just depends on what top you wear with it. If you’re searching for ideas on what to wear with a leather skirt, we’ve got some for you to try out.

  • A sweater and a leather skirt – this combination is very simple and it’s also very easy to pull off. If you’re looking for a fab way to wear your leather skirt, pairing it with a cute and cofy sweater is always a good idea. You can wear it with any kind of sweater; simple, graphic, fitted, knit, oversized – it doesn’t matter. This look is perfect for fall and could be easily transitioned into winter. Boots would be the perfect choice for footwear with this look but stilettos and pumps are great options, too, if you’re trying to project a more lady-like image.

sweater and leather skirt outfit sweater and leather skirt

  • Shirt and leather skirt – now, this is a no-brainer.  Anyone who’s got a shirt and a leather skirt can easily pair the two and instantly look gorgeous in them. A shirt is the simplest thing you can pair with you leather skirt. You can wear plain shirts if you want something casual, button down shirts if you’re going for a more polished look, a graphic shirt if you want to channel a rock and roll vibe or just about any shirt you can pull out from your closet.

shirt and leather skirt

shirt and leather skirt outfit

  • Leather top and leather skirt – you’ve seen and loved the denim on denim trend during the summer, now it’s time to go leather on leather. It may seem like a very straightforward  and bold combination at first but it’s really very stylish and posh. Leather on leather does not only look good on women who want to sport a rock and roll chick kind of look, it’s also great for bringing out your inner vixen in a very sophisticated way.

leather on leather leather on leather outfit

  • Lace and leather skirt – forget about what other people say about the leather skirt being too tough and rugged, you can always make it softer and more feminine anyway and a very pretty way to do so would be to wear your leather skirt with a lace top. The combination of leather and lace creates the perfect balance between tough and gentle.

lace and leather lace and leather skirt

  • Fur and leather skirt – a leather skirt is already a luxurious item in and of itself but if you’re going for an all out glammed up look, you should seriously try wearing your leather skirt with fur. It can be a fur vest, jacket or coat or it can even be as simple as fur shrug. The combination is just downright uptown chic.

fur and leather fur and leather skirt