Gorgeous Trends from the Runways to Follow for Fall

There are always so many things to look forward to every time the season changes and one of these things are the new trends from the runways that are waiting to be recreated on the streets. If you’re obsessed with fashion, I know you’ve already seen some of the biggest up and coming trends this fall, thanks to Fashion Week and all the other fashion and style blogs that you follow but with so many trends coming up, it can be so hard to keep u. This is why we’ve compiled 5 gorgeous trends from the runways that you can start with. Read on below and check them out.

  • The Athleisure trend – the athleisure trend is one of the most interesting trends to come up for fall this year. With sportswear becoming more than just ‘for sports’, designers have made a wonderful fusion between athletic must haves and high fashion staples. The athleisure trend is perfect for women who like the comfort of sportswear and the chic look of fab street style pieces.

athleisure runway look athleaisure leather and sneakers athleisure fall look

  • Cape – wearing a cape on top of everything is another trend that you should try out and sport this fall. When it comes to cape wearing, it’s go big or go home. Take inspiration from all of your favorite models and fashionistas who sported personalized Burberry capes at Fashion Week this year. Make sure to keep the rest of your outfit with a slim silhouette so you don’t end up looking too chunky and bulky.

blue cape and jeans gorgeous tie around cape plaid cape outfit

  • Blanket coat – and if capes just aren’t your thing or you just want something even more comfortable, you can go ahead and take your outerwear game up a notch and wear blanket coats instead. Again, it’s go big or go home with this trend so don’t shy away from ones that envelope your whole silhouette. If going shapeless is a big no-no in your book (as it should be for a lot of us, anyway), you can cinch your blanket coat by the waist with a belt to give your look more shape.

yellow blanket cae gray blanket coat earthy blanket coat

  • Textured tops – adding texture to your outfit is one of the best ways to make it more interesting, especially if you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit, and this fall textured tops are on trend. Try wearing a pompom embellished sweater with jeans or an embroidered top with a silk skirt. It’s not dramatic or bold but it makes your outfit much more exciting.

fab textured top lacey scalloped top fuzzy textured top

  • Bright outerwear – want to stand out from the crowd? Instead of sorting a totally dark outfit, you can try wearing dark from head to toe and topping it off with  a bright coat or jacket instead to make your look livelier and more cheery.

bright pink coat cute blue cape yellow orange coat