Great Fashion Combinations for this Season

So, it’s winter time again. That can only mean one thing to the woman who loves the ease of dressing up for summer and spring: a whole season of bundling up in not so glamorous but warm and cozy clothes. However, that doesn’t have to be the case this winter. Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of great fashion combinations for this season that you can try and even modify to your liking so you can look great and feel warm and comfy at the same time. These combinations comprise of items that are already probably in your closet from the past seasons as well as those that you have for winter. Read on and see what you can find in your closet to recreate these awesome looks for winter.

  • Leather and fur – if you’re looking for a way to glam up this season while staying warm and cozy despite the freezing cold weather, the combination of leather and fur will most definitely work for you. The sleek look of leather gives off a fierce and sophisticated vibe while the elegant and soft luxurious feel of fur creates great contrast and balance. This combination can instantly make you look like a Hollywood star.

leather and fur leather and fur outfit

  • Black and white – if you’re looking to go classic this winter, go black and white. This color combination has been a classic for years and the reason is because it’s super sleek, chic and versatile. Depending on the pieces that you wear, this color combination can help you achieve looks from casual to classy in no time. The good thing about this color combination is that you’ll have all the pieces ready in your closet. All you have to do is mix and match them to create the perfect outfit that you need. Keep everything, from the clothes down to the accessories, in black and white if you want to preserve the sleekness of the combo or add in a bright pop of color to add a fun twist to your outfit.

black and white outfit

black and white

  • Denim on denim – denim on denim was introduced earlier this year and there’s no better time to wear the trend than now. Denim is such an amazing fabric for creating winter looks because you can use it for layering clothes. It’s the perfect pick for fabric if you’re planning on creating a casual winter outfit. Denim on denim is such a gorgeous trend that you shouldn’t miss out on this winter.

denim on denim outfit denim on denim

  • Maxi skirt and boots – if you’ve loved maxi skirts from summer and spring, we see no reason why not to love them for winter. Pair your maxi skirt with heavy boots like biker boots or combat boots to get a boho kind of look with a tough chick vibe. This combination goes together like peanut butter and jelly so don’t be afraid of not being able to pull it off.

maxi and boots maxi and boots outfit

  • Stripes and leopard print – print on print has been a big trend this year and this winter, it’s still on. We all know how awesome the leopard print is for winter. Make it even more stunning by adding stripes to it. The combination of both prints with each other will surely have you looking gorgeous like a star!

leopard print and stripes leopard print and stripes outfit