Beautiful breathtaking hair flowers

Who said hair flowers are boring and so very old fashioned? Flower are always one of the best things a girl can love and wear, no matter what the style may be or the fashion may got to say, hair flowers always own its special place in a woman’s heart, for flowers look awesome and hair flowers give you the finesse touch just like a goddess on roads. Try some these hair flowers and look pretty, for there are various varieties of flowers available in various materials, colors and sizes.

simple black flower


This huge pink flower will look so beautiful when you attach it to your braids or buns and pin it tightly to make the flower stay secure in its place.

huge pink hair flower

These simple couple of white rose with a pearl in the center will look elegant and beautiful when you wear it on your wedding or for any other party with large gowns.One-sided ponytail with curls neatly combed together and you can leave side bangs to make it look more stylish and beautiful.

cute hair flower

This hairstyle is a simple knot ponytail, with sides twisted to give more detail to the hairstyles, and insert two roses in the knot to make it look pretty and to add on to the beauty of the knot. You can also wear natural flowers or stay with artificial ones if you wish to make that stay longer, than wearing a natural flower that dries after sometime.

rose in a knot ponytail

Wearing multiple color flowers on the neatly combed or messy hair will look stylish and will match simple clothing like skirts, short gowns, shorts and top, anything simple will look good for this kind of hairstyle and hanging down flowers of various colors.

multiple color hair flowers

Single red big flowers attached to a neatly combed updo bun will look wonderful for wedding gowns and for prom nights, look like a goddess with a single large flower.

single red flower

White organza flower with stones or beads in the center, with various petals will look good when attached to the bun or just loose hair, and a simple white dress or you can also wear this kind of flower for any light color dress like pink, pale yellow etc.

white organza hair flower

This orange single flower is of Hawaiian style, and you can attach any natural or artificial flower clips to the side of your hair on right side to indicate that you are available and on the left side to show that you are married or not available.

hawaiian style hair flower