Lovely Heart Rings

Rings have always been an accessory staple in every girl’s get-up. They are a quick and fashionable way to spice up your entire look.

Us girls, we are a big fan of all girly stuff and that include anything that has hearts in it. Well, put two and two together and what do we have? Yes, that’s right! Heart Rings!

cute pink heart ring

Katy Perry heart ring

Katy Perry heart ring

Hearts have always symbolized love and romance, and of course, rings that has hearts in it are always special. Heart shaped rings are often used in a very special and romantic way like engagements, confession of love and weddings.

simple heart shaped ring

Nothing could ever make a girl happy than a man proposing to her with a heart shaped diamond ring.

elegant heart diamond ring

Handing out a heart shaped engagement ring to her with all the love and sincerity in the world could mean everything.

heart shaped engagement ring

Heart Shaped diamond rings may be a bit expensive but girls will feel special with it. Also, Heart shaped diamond rings are rather exceptional and elegant.

heart shaped diamond ring

Lindsay Lohan was spotted wearing her Heart shaped diamond ring. And I have to say, the ring looked beautiful!

lindsay lohan heart shaped diamond ring

Heart shaped rings are really girly and looks absolutely cute when they are stacked on your fingers.

cute heart shaped rings

If you’re on a tight budget you can always go and create some DIY heart rings. We’ll show you how since it’s really simple!

handmade heart shaped ring

Below is the tutorial on how to make a DIY heart ring. Have fun!

DIY heart ring tutorial