Helpful Layering Tips for Spring

Just because you can expect warmer temps in more days during spring doesn’t mean you can’t do the layering technique with your outfits anymore. Layering isn’t a seasonal trend or technique, you can do it all year long. You just have to know what pieces to work with to make your outfit stylish and wearable. When you layer, you add more dimension to your outfit, making it more interesting. Remember that your goal in doing the layering technique is to create one cohesive outfit that looks well put together, not an overly complicated one with too much things going on all at once. Here are some layering tips for spring that you can use to create fabulous outfits.

  • Pick pieces that define your assets – piling pieces of clothing items on top of one another can create a bulk which may look unflattering when not done right. Before you start layering pieces in your outfit, take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see what your assets are then choose pieces that will define them instead of conceal them underneath all the layers of clothes. It’s very important that you do this because you don’t want the layers on your outfit to look unflattering.

maroon dress and sheer top pink tank and lace overlay

  • Invest in the classics – each season, we have pieces that we call ‘wardrobe staples’. These are the pieces that you’re sure to use, no matter what new trends surface about. For spring, these pieces include spring knits, sundresses and lighter clothes. There are also pieces that we can consider as all year round wardrobe staples. These are the classics that you can use, no matter what season or time of the year like LBDs, denims and tees. These classics and staples will work as your base when trying to build layers according to season.

simple neutral layered outfit

monochromatic layers

  • Mix and match colors – springtime fashion is all about colors – bright, vivid, fun and playful hues that bring brightness to your day. To make a layered outfit look more springtime appropriate, you can mix and match different colors to create an interesting look. Pastels and neon colors are just some of the hottest trends for spring and mixing these two together creates beautiful results. Jewel tones are also great for a dainty splash of color into any outfit.

spring light knits spring coat and cuffed jeans

  • Keep it light – because the temps are warmer for spring time, you’ll want to keep all the pieces light if you’ll be doing the layering technique. This way, you don’t sweat everything out while you’re having fun under the sun. Add on something a little bit thicker and heavier if you’re expecting to deal with spring showers during the day or if you plan on staying out until the night. Usually, you wouldn’t need anything as heavy or thick as wool or cable knits for spring time because the temperature only gets a bit chilly and not really freezing cold like in the winter.

hippie inspired outfit light spring knit

  • Comfort first – remember that the layering technique does not necessarily require you to pile on lots and lots of pieces on top of the other. If you’re someone who easily gets hot, a simple layering of a bandeau and a muscle tee on a sunny spring day should do it. Don’t feel compelled to layer with unnecessary pieces just to put in more layers. Remember to put comfort first and style second because a great outfit is nothing if you’re going to fret and fidget in it all day long.

boho layersd outfit yellow layered outfit