Get Stylish Hermes Bags

Hey girls, how many of your are crazy about hermes bags? Many of the celebrities and other non celebrities are so much in love with their hermes bags that they own so many of them. Victoria Beckham has hundreds or hermes bags of all types and colors and if you are talking about hermes bags Victoria beckham is one such example to be remembered. Another crazy woman of hermes bags is Dr.Kate of Thailand, who has purchased a penthouse apartment just to keep her hermes bag collection apart from two other houses, which she already owns, this house is just to store bags, are you awestruck? So am I!


White hermes bag
White hermes bag

So what is so special about these hermes bags? They are usually limited in collection, but as requested by celebrities they are further designed according to the color of the leather material and design asked by the customer. The bags are made out of leather got from crocodile, lizard, calf, and ostrich. The bag has a lock to it, which is covered from the top with a buckle. The locks, buckles and other metals in the bags are either made of gold, palladium or the locks are covered with leather, the additional option available to the customers is, they bags can be studded with diamonds if requested. Such a costly bag! You needn’t protect the things in the bag; you need to protect the bag first! The other normal varieties are available too, which are just made of leather and normal metal buckles, you get to choose what you really want and the one which you can afford.

celebrities with hermes bagsCelebrities with hermes bags

The latest crocodile leather bag was sold in auction from the Dallas auction house, and this bag made out of crocodile skin embedded with diamonds and gold buckles were sold at the price of $203,150, the person who purchased the bag remained anonymous.Celebrities are mostly fond of these bags and wouldn’t mind buying them at higher prices.

Lindsay Lohan was spotted with a matching blue color hermes bag that was a perfect match for her shorts, as she looked stylish and cool.

Lindsay with hermes bag

Fergie was found carrying her bright red hermes bag, wearing a tight black pant and matching black top for one of her shows.

Fergie red Hermes bag


Kim kardashian looked glamorous with those funky-colored yellow hermes bag.

kim-kardashian with yellow hermes bag

Lady GaGa was spotted carrying a designer hermes black color bag. Look at the style she carried with herself!

lady-gaga with black designer hermes bag

Olivia carrying the formal hermes bag with those black blazers

olivia with formal black hermes bag

Vistoria Beckham, never to be forgotten, though she own hermes in different colors, this is one such example.

victoria beckham hermes bags