Classy high waisted shorts

high waisted shortsWearing high waisted shorts is trendy and draws attention to the waistline and the bust making the wearer look slimmer and leaner. These shorts are best worn with blouses that also draw attention to the bust making the legs stand out.

High waisted shorts have the advantage of bringing out the best in all the wearers, age not a factor. A walk down the beach will give one a clear view of the advantages of the high waisted shorts. They make some of the best beach wear as they are made to withstand the different weather conditions. They are best worn with a fitting top or blouse.

Just a cute shorts.

cute shorts

Best thing is minimizing the accessories as well as to keep it simple if possible. You may go with the simple narrow belt that is made from metal and leather.

cute summer outfit with shorts

The high heel shoes will look very good however if you need the hipster look, sandals and flat footwear will do. In case, you want to carry the handbag, then keep this shorter strapped. For the jewelry, you can go for the simple chains & large earrings.

striped  shorts

You can look in woman’s wardrobe and closet and are likely to find more pairs of the denim jean shorts. It is the style, which is around for some time, still do not lose the popularity, even though it must get mentioned there are a few subtle variations in different versions of style with time.

stylish high waisted shorts

 How to wear  high waisted shorts?

When you buy the shorts, you need to follow some rules. Main point is you need to accentuate them. And for this, you have to wear the shirts that are tucked in, and you may go with the fitter tops as well as short tops.

kate moss  shorts and blazer

You may pair it with the ruffle tops, blazers as well as cardigans, if you would like to give this the fancy look.

blue shorts street fashion

For instance, recently there is the vogue for the high waisted shorts that were popular in late 1970s as well as early 1980s. The fashion designers as well as journalists have also jumped on trend with the vengeance & it has become the big hit all again.

loose top and denim shorts

Even though great many women are the lovers of the fashion & always keen to embrace latest hot trends, and it need to be said this is the style, which sadly doesn’t suit everyone.