High waisted shorts for any age.

High waisted shorts are usually worn by younger women in parties, in the office, even for just walking the dog. They are also worn by fashionable little girls to birthday parties, play dates and to the daycare.


high waisted shorts fashion show
High waisted shorts - fashion show

The older crowd might be wondering if they could wear the high waisted shorts without reminding the current generation with how to rock the high waisted shorts the old school way. The answer is yes, they could wear them. They just have to know what pieces to wear with the high waisted shorts and what looks in the now.

high waisted denim shorts
high waisted denim shorts

How should the older women wear the high waisted shorts? Here are some suggestions to enlighten you:

Find the right fit. Since high waisted shorts tend to accentuate the stomach area, you should find the fit that will not make you look like you are trying to tuck your stomach into your shorts. Most older women might find this their biggest problem.

Cute multicolored shorts for everyday wear

cute high waisted shorts

You could wear more loose pairs of high waisted shorts. The teenagers could pull off the tight fitting ones, yes, but it is a different case for the older women. You could also buy pairs with plus sizes.

trendy  high waisted shorts
trendy high waisted shorts

Find the right length. It is not really an eye sore to see older women in skimpy shorts but those who see these women sure hope they have worn a longer pair of shorts. You could wear high waisted shorts that end just right above the knees or a few inches up to make sure your look is age appropriate. A short pair of high waisted shorts doesn’t necessarily translate to sexiness, anyway.

Cute jeans shorts

Cute jeans shorts

Chic shorts on celebs

chic-shorts on celebs

Trendy shorts for women

trendy shorts for women
Find the right color. All colors are appropriate for any age; it just depends on the shade of the color. Bold, striking and bright colors are more appropriate for the younger crowd so opt for darker or pastel colors for your age. Neutral colors are also appropriate for any age.

High waisted shorts for the summer
Find the right accessories to go with your attire. Black belts, layered necklaces, tote bags or wedges, whatever your accessories may be, make sure they are fit for your age. Some accessories are not appropriate for the older crowd like hippie bands so make sure you know what looks good and what doesn’t.


City shorts for womencity shorts for women

Older women can wear whatever what they want. They just have to make sure what looks good and what is age appropriate. They also have to have the confidence to wear them.

short high waist shorts
short high waist shorts