High waisted skirt on full figured women.

We usually see thin and petite girls sport the high waisted skirts. You can see ,the high waisted skirts fit them in all the right places, plus they can also wear them anywhere.

high waisted pencil-skirt- for full figured women

High waisted grey pencil skirt matched with hot pink top look very stylish on full figured women

Plus size girls can also wear high waisted  skirts ,even though ,not in the way petite girls wear them.

Plus size girls have to consider the fit of the high waisted skirts. To hide the fat in your tummy, find a high waisted skirt,  that are not tight fitting. There are stores online that specialize on making clothes for plus size women. You can find a couple of high waisted skirts on their sites. The high waisted skirts sizes range from XL to XXL. You can also find a seamstress who will make you a  high waisted skirt  for the right fit.

Grey pencil skirt with stripes -very cute

high waisted skirt on curvy women look hot


Take also into consideration the right kind of skirt. Body hugging high waisted skirt are not flattering to plus size women so choose ones that are loose on the thighs.

This will not only make the high waisted skirt  look flattering to you, this will also cause you great comfort while wearing it.

Cute brown skirt with camel  belt

full figured women wears brown pensil skirt with belt

Also, body hugging high waisted skirt could bring unwanted attention to your crotch and we don’t want that to happen.Color plays an important part to theselection of high waisted skirt for plus size women, too.

Always stylish Kim Kardashian flatter her curves with neon colored  high waisted pencil skirt.

Kim Kardashian Curvy  high waisted pencil skirt

Since bright colors usually attract attention, opt for neutral colors to bring the attention off your thighs. Black and brown are colors where unwanted attention could hide. Dark colored high waisted skirt also give a slimming illusion to your thighs.

I love this look! You can find even more of great skirts for pluz size women on gigi.com

plus size pencil skirt

From the same site -violet plus  size skirt with tunic , very flattering

fuscia violet plus  size skirt with tunic

To pull off the high waisted skirt, you also have to take note what top goes with the high waisted skirt and what top works with your body type. Tight fitting tops generally are not flattering to the plus size crowd. Tops and blouses that are “flowing” will work well with your high waisted skirt. You could also wear blouses with ruffles accent. Color of the tops should also be taken into consideration.

Pretty office look for plus size women

pluz size women wears pensil skirt

Accessorizing is also crucial in dressing up the high waisted skirt  for full figured women. Accessories could shift unwanted attention from areas you don’t want to drive any attention to. They can also make illusions to make you look slimmer.

 America Ferrera loves to wear skirts

America Ferrera curvy style clothes

You, of all people, would know what will look good and what won’t look good on you. Play your cards right and you’ll be able to turn heads with your high waisted skirt.

Celebs wearing high waisted skirts

celebs high waisted pencil skirts

Plus size skirts on  curvy models

plus size skirts on  curvy models