How to Add a Touch of Plaid to Your Fall Wedding

Tying the knot soon? If you’re getting married soon and you have most of the things taken care of, you know by now that a fall wedding is just as magical and romantic as a spring or summer one, maybe even more, so take advantage of this and make yours have that true fall vibe. How, you ask? It’s easy! You don’t even have to alter anything to what you’ve already prepped because all you have to do is add touches of fall elements in it. Warm fall drinks, leaves and plaid, especially – these are just some of the things that reminds everyone of fall. Check out these tips and ideas on how to add a touch of plaid to your fall wedding.

  • PLAID STATIONERY – so the invitations have been sent out, that’s okay. You still have Thank You cards to hand out, don’t you? If you don’t feel like having plaid on anything major, you can always incorporate the print into the stationery you’ll be using for the wedding like Thank You cards or those tags you attach to the party favors or maybe even on the place cards waiting for guests at their tables.

brown plaid wedding invites wedding invites

  • PLAID SHIRT OVER YOUR DRESS – it’s going to be cold outside but if you don’t have a dressy blazer or jacket or shrug to go with your dress, just go ahead and rock a plaid shirt. This will be perfect if you want a more relaxed and laidback vibe to your wedding. If you’re not up for getting married in a plaid shirt, you can do this for the pictures instead.

blue plaid shirt and dress

cute dress and plaid shirt green plaid shirt and wedding dress plaid shirt and wedding dress

  • PLAID BELT – want your plaid details to be subtle? How about a simple plaid belt on your dress? You and your groom can get all matchy matchy with the plaid details if he wears a plaid tie or bowtie along with his suit. It’s going to be subtle but it’ll definitely make your look more interesting.

plaid belt

  • PLAID WITH THE FLOWERS – another really cool way to add plaid to your wedding is to mix them with flowers. Tie a little plaid ribbon to your bridal bouquet and do the same for your bridesmaids’ bouquets. Use a different colored ribbon on yours to set your bouquet apart. You can also add plaid fabric to the groomsmen’s boutonniere for that touch of plaid for the men.

bridal bouquet flowers with plaid plaid bridal bouquet plaid boutonniere

  • PLAID NAILS – a more subtle way to add plaid to your bridal look is to get some plaid nail art done. Have it done by a pro so your nails come out looking perfect. You can choose the colors to be incorporated in your plaid nail art. You can go traditional or you can use colors from your whole wedding’s color palette / motif.

frosted plaid nail arts matte plaid nails matte plaid nails

  • PLAID DÉCOR – lastly, if you really want to give your wedding that warm, rustic fall feel, go ahead and add touches of plaid on the décor. Put on a plaid wine sleeve on the wine bottles, put on plaid placemats on the table or cover the tables in plaid tablecloth.

elegant plaid decor ott plaid decor plaid centerpiece wedding cake with plaid strip table setting with plaid