How to Add Colors to Your Work Wardrobe

Wearing and adding colors to your work wardrobe can be a little tricky. You’ll want to do it in such a way that you get just the right amount of color to make your outfits less boring but not so much that it becomes to bold and bright for the workplace. Unless you work in a creative workplace or in the fashion and beauty industry, you’ll want to keep your look to lean more on the business side. However, that doesn’t mean you should just stick to wearing blacks, whites and other neutral colors everyday. Check out these tips on how to add colors to your work wardrobe.

  • Carry a bright purse – your purse is something that you don’t necessarily have to have with you all the time at the office so that means you’re free to use and carry one as bright and as bold as you want. You can keep your outfit simple and plain but once you get up, grab your purse and head out, the bright color(s) from the purse is sure to add that pop of color you need.

cute orange clutch fun red purse

  • Tie a colorful scarf around your neck – if your job restricts you from wearing very bright and vibrant colors or if you simple feel that colors like these are inappropriate for your work setting, you can stick to the simpler colors and add an element of fun by wearing a nice colorful scarf. Scarves are especially great at the workplace where air conditioning is centralized which often leaves the whole place cold. It not only livens up your outfit but keeps you warm as well.

colorful orange scarf

red plaid scarf

  • Put on a pair of chic shoes – shoes are very forgiving. They can be a really loud color but when you wear it with something plain or something neutral, the brightness / boldness is toned down a little so it blends perfectly well with your outfit. If you work in a very formal environment, though, your shoes don’t have to be anything loud like neon to add a pop of color. Red is always a great color of choice when it comes to shoes because it can make an outfit look sexy and add color to it without going over the top.

fuchsia pink shoes sexy red shoes

  • Colored cami – if your work wardrobe mainly consists of bottoms, blazers and things that you wear underneath, there’s a really subtle way to add color to your work wardrobe and that is by wearing colored camis underneath your blazer instead of just wearing neutral ones. It’s a nice way to add a pop of color to your whole outfit without the risk of looking like a rainbow.

yellow cami pretty tangerine cami

  • Colored jeans – got days when you’re allowed to dress down at the workplace? Don’t get too color happy and just put together an outfit with random colors! Remember, you’re still going to the workplace so you’ll want to keep your outfit appropriate. Colored jeans are a great way to add color to a business casual outfit. You can pair it with something simple on top like a button up or a nice blouse so you can achieve a look that’s fun at the bottom and workplace appropriate up top.

green jeans and black blazer pink cropped skinny jeans