How To Add Ruffles To Your Everyday Outfits

We are getting closer and closer to summer ladies! And now that it is already March, it is officially the start of warmer seasons! If there is ever a design or accent in your clothes that are common during these warmer seasons, it is definitely ruffles.

Ruffles add girly flourish into any outfits you choose to wear this spring and summer. But take heed on this clothing accent because ruffles can be your bestest sartorial friend or your worst nightmare. If you do not wear the ruffles right, you might end up looking bulkier and chunkier and that is not a flattering sight on anybody. But if you do pull off wearing ruffles, it will definitely give you that dainty and easygoing look that is simply perfect for summer. Check out some of our tips and ways on how to wear ruffles below!


Ruffles could be such an eye-catching element to your outfit. But it can also be just a simple play on the silhouette of your attire. Wear ruffles minimally, and you will achieve a sort of subtle and sleek look with a little whimsicality on your outfit provided by the ruffles. This style is a definite thumbs up for office wears.

ruffled skirt for office ruffled shirt for office


There is a general caution when girls wear ruffled mini skirt because we do not want to end up looking to provocative or tacky. To avoid looking like this, I would suggest following what I would like to call “Contrast Exposure”. Because you will be wearing ruffled mini skirt, pair it up with something a little conservative that will expose less of your upper body skin, like a long sleeved top. This creates a flirty look that is far from being provocative at all!

ruffled skirt casual

ruffled mini skirt


This is kind of related to the first tip that we gave you. But how do we wear ruffles subtly? The answer is simple: Go for tinier ruffles. Tiny ruffles are slightly unnoticeable and yet it also adds a little flounce to your outfit.

ruffled top casual subtle ruffled top


Ruffles can be used to flatter your body shape. If you are the type of woman who has a wider hips or a broader shoulders and you want to hide these features of yourself, ruffles will help in concealing them and veering the attention of other people away from these parts of your body. Instead, the ruffles will be flattering to those features.

ruffled dress ruffled red dress


Now this is quite opposite to the one above. If you are the type of woman who have smaller breasts and it makes you feel conscious, ruffles will definitely help out on enhancing those features. They give the illusion that your chest is fuller than it actually is.

ruffled off shoulder dress ruffled Victorian top


Ruffles can be dainty and girly, as I mentioned above. And this will be a perfect summer date night outfit that lets out your inner romantic and make you look fairly beautiful, carefree and easygoing as well as summery.

ruffled pink dress blue ruffled skirt


Of course, ruffles are innately bold and daring, especially when you wear them big. Should you wear big attention-grabbing ruffles, you want to keep the rest of your outfit simple as possible so pair those big ruffles with something structured and plainly simple.

off shoulder ruffled top ruffled violet outfit