How to Be the Most Stylish Guest at Holiday Parties

Looking for the perfect outfit to wear to a holiday party can be a real challenge so seeing that you’re one of the most stylish guests will really give you that sense of accomplishment. If you’re on a rather tight budget, don’t worry. There are still lots of ways to stylize an outfit without spending a ton of money or maxing out your credit card. Here are some tips on how to be the most stylish guest at holiday parties, whether it be back home, at the office, with friends or wherever.

  • WEAR YOUR WINTER WHITES – most other people would sure be opting to go with the usual dark winter colors so if you want to stand out and be stylish, try wearing your winter whites in a head to toe outfit. A monochromatic outfit is sure to stand out in a sea of dark colors. Make sure your white pieces are of varied textures (think silk top and fur coat or leather skirt and lace top) to keep your outfit from being boring and one-dimensional.

matching crop top set winter white outfit all white outfit

  • ACCESSORIZE WITH GOLD – gold goes well with anything so if you’re looking for accessories to wear with your party outfits, go for gold. It also adds a touch of elegance to your look without totally making it prissy or snobby like pearls sometimes do. When wearing something simple and you want to keep the look minimalistic, try dainty gold chains.

gold accessories gold party accessories gold and white outfit

  • SPORT A SUIT – having an office holiday party and don’t want to look too clubby? If you want to keep the business-y façade but also want to look super stylish at the party, sport a suit. Maybe try one that’s a little sexier than your usual business meeting suit but nothing too sexy or revealing. To give it a more festive vibe, try going for a printed suit.

suit set in red suit kourtney kardashian

  • BUMP UP THE BLING – parties are the perfect excuse to go all out on your bling but make sure that, even if you’re going all out, you still do it in moderation. This means that you shouldn’t be wearing loads of bling in too many places. Layering your necklaces to create a statement? Keep your bracelets to a minimum so you don’t have too much going on. At the same time, go for a simple and classic style of earrings so that the focus remains on your layered necklaces. This will ensure that you look is chic and not tacky.

blonged out party outfit layered necklaces elegant pearl necklaces

  • BLING ALTERNATIVES – not a fan of bling? That’s fine. Not everyone is. But that doesn’t mean you can forgo adding a little bit of shimmer and shine to your look. It is a party, after all, and a holiday one at that so a little bit of

silver metallic outfit pink sequin skirt outfit gold sequins pants