How to Bleach Jeans And Make it Look Cool

How to bleach your jeans and make it look extra trendy?Have you ever wondered you can change your wardrobe all by yourself and make it look new, trendy and fashionable?

bleached jeans

Why do you want to throw away your old jeans since because you have worn them umpteen number of times and feel bored with its color, change it and make it look new, wondering how? Bleach  your jeans!

Faded jeans are so much into the fashion stroll and is never out of it and your friends will never find out that you did it, it will look so natural like store brought branded one.

denim jean

 How to bleach jeans step by step:

All you need to bleach your jeans is bleaching agent, water, rubber gloves, a tub and of course your denim too.



Mix one portion of bleach liquid with three portions of water or equal mixture of both for much faded look, mix them well and keep it aside. Always remember not to pour the undiluted bleach directly on your clothes.



Wear rubber gloves and a pair of old clothes to prevent them from getting bleached along with your denim, for we always spill some and why to later regret after getting spilled on your favorite dress.



The next step is dampening your jean with water so that the bleaching effect will better take place and will be easier. With a help of a spray bottle, cotton sponge or fillers you can slowly spray or dab on the area where you wish to get a faded look. In order to prevent getting it faded at the other side you can stuff newspapers or old unwanted clothes in between.Let it air dry for sometime, say nearly 10 minutes and then rinse of with cold water, rinse thoroughly to wash away the excess bleach to avoid itching when you later wear it.

bleached jean

Dry your jeans and then wear it on, your own fashioned jean that you faded at home. Why buy costly faded jeans when you can do them at home, with simple household things and it hardly takes less time to create your new fashion.


old jean

If you are skeptical about bleaching your new favorite jean, you can first try it with old ones, and then proceed with the new one when you are confident enough to bleach. Do the bleaching process in your garden or in a tub to avoid bleached floors and white patches. So are you ready to give your jean a new look?

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