How To Color Block Your Outfits Like A Pro

So for those of you who are wondering, color blocking is a technique in styling where a clothing or an ensemble is composed of blocks of either different colors or the same color of different shades. It rose to popularity around the 60’s and again in the 80’s. Then, a few seasons ago, fashion designers got nostalgic and creative and ended up making modernized pieces using the same technique.

And why not? Color blocking can be worn by literally anyone. And they can be styled by anyone. But here’s the catch: it’s not so easy to pull this off by mere luck and intuition. There are some things to consider such as your skin complexion, hair color, eye color, and body shape–among other things but those are the most important ones.

So I have 6 easy ways and wonderful tips to color block your outfits like a pro. Check them out below!

  1. Be resourceful!
    While there are gorgeous stand-alone color blocked outfits in which designers have done all the work for you, it is not necessary to buy clothing for this technique. In fact, the key garments you need for color blocking is just there in your wardrobe–solid colored apparels! In another instance, these garments might just be the plain and ordinary with their singular color but they are vital  in color blocking.
    color block outfit

    color block bold

  2. Find your ideal color
    Now, when I say ideal color, I’m not saying you’ll just choose whatever color suits your mood or your favorite color. One’s ideal color is that color that will perfectly suit your skin complexion, hair color and eye color. This color will either flatter or make your upper features stand out. And this is the color that you want nearest to your face. Therefore, it should be found on or near the neckline of your top.
    color block separates

    color block pastel
  3. Choose your color blocking method
    When you’ve finally chosen your ideal color, you now have to find other colors or shades for your color blocked outfit. There are two basic methods in doing this: complementary and analogous. Now this is pretty tricky and comprises of some discussion in color theory but I’ll spare you that. Instead, look at the color wheel below. You have the three primary colors and the one across them are their complementary colors while the ones beside them are their analogous colors.
    Easy right? So all you have to do is choose the method you want to take and choose pieces of those colors.
    color block complementary
    color block monochrome
  4. Take note of its effect on your body and the entire outfit
     This tip you will definitely need for the stand-alone outfits. Let’s all remember that we are dealing with blocks of colors here. And you have to be careful about how the architectural structure of those stand-alone garments will affect your body shape. For instance, if you’re busty or curvy then avoid wide horizontal shapes especially in bold colors around your chest or stomach.
    color block sweater
    color-block monochromatic
    Also, you can either go all out bold, all out pastel or a mix. It’s preferable and more pleasing to the eyes if you have at least one piece that’s neutral. This neutral colored garment can help in harmonizing your entire outfit.
    pastel color block
    color block monochromatic
  5. Pick the right accessories
    For your accessories, you have to consider: should it be part of the color blocking or not? Do you want your color blocked outfit to stand out or not? Accessories can do so many things to support or harmonize your entire outfit. And it can also ruin it. For those playing safe, keep them neutral colored. If you’re feeling daring, then go on and rock it out. It’s all up to you.
    color-block outfit
    color block analogous
  6. Determine the OTP
    OTP here doesn’t have anything to do with your outfit’s soulmate (if it even has one). OTP simply means Occasion, Time, Place. If you’re wearing it to work, look for a more structural and fit outfit to color block. During Sunday brunch, an all out pastel color-blocked outfit is adorable and cute. For a night out, something bold will make your color-blocking stand out especially with something metallic. It really depends on you and the OTP.
    monochromatic color block
    color block with stripes
    bold color block