How to Copy Anna Wintour’s Style

If there’s one woman in the world who knows fashion like the back of her hand, it’s Anna Wintour. With countless years of experience in the fashion industry, especially as the editor-in-chief of Vogue, one of the most, if not actually the most, influential magazine in the industry, it’s no wonder that she’s always in the know of what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to trends in fashion. Despite that, Anna has been able to create her own style and maintain her own level of chic-ness. If you love Anna Wintour’s style as much as we do, check out these tips on how to get it.

  • HEAD TO TOE BLACK IS A NO-NO – yes, it’s very flattering and slimming on most people but if you’re Anna Wintour, wearing an outfit that’s black from head to toe is not an option. Anna is strict about having at least a little bit of color in every outfit, be it for her or for the models in the magazine, so a monochromatic black ensemble is just unacceptable, even if it is considered chic and sophisticated by lots of other people.

chic outfit by anna wintour simple colorful dress anna wintour at burberry fashion show

  • STICK TO SKIRTS AND DRESSES – I personally admire women who can wear skirts and dresses all day every day and Anna is one of the few who can do just that, and with amazing style and class too! If you take the time to look at Anna’s every outfit from interviews, red carpet appearances, fashion shows and other events, you’ll notice that she rarely wears pants or suits.

book launch outfit prada outfit anna wintour vogue 73 questions anna wintour

  • PICK CLASSIC SILHOUETTES – another must in copying Anna Wintour’s style is to pick out clothes that feature classic silhouettes. Anna rarely goes for a very structured piece. Neither does she always opt for something super dramatic. Instead, she goes for classic silhouettes like A-lines and shift dresses and accessorizes to make it look dressier.

anna wintours take on print on print pink carpet outfit textured dress anna wintour

  • ALWAYS WEAR HEELS – even if it’s not a sky-high pair and just kitten heels. Heels are always a part of Anna’s every outfit, be it casual, street style, or dressy and fancy. Heels never fail to add that air of sophistication and gracefulness to any look which must be why Anna never wears flats (at least never when she’s being photographed) and sticks to heels instead.

anna wintour outfit navy and nude outfit super chic anna wintour

  • PLAY WITH DETAILS – if there’s one word one can never associate with Anna Wintour’s style, it is the word ‘boring’. You’ll never catch Anna Wintour wearing something dull or drudging. She’s always playing with the details of her outfit, mixing and matching different colors, prints, patterns and textures and you better be doing the same if you’re going for her style.

anna wintour front row dior show gorgeous outfit simply gorgeous anna wintour

  • ACCESSORIZE – the necklaces, the sunglasses – all those are part of Anna Wintour’s signature style. We all know that accessories are essential for pulling your outfit together and Anna just proves that accessories can make or break an outfit.

anna wintour at milan fashion week simple neutral outfit fur and print outfit